South Africa Launches Military Patrolled Lockdown

South Africa launches military patrolled lockdown
South Africa launches military patrolled lockdown

At the moment, the spread of the deadly Coronavirus has caused panic and fear in South Africa. According to the latest news, South Africa has confirmed about one thousand cases, being the top in the whole of the Africa continent. The South African government has taken the issue more seriously as the cases keep rising every day.

South Africa has joined the other African nations on imposing strict curfews and lockdown; the main agenda is to curb the spread of the Covid-19. The lockdown started last midnight, with around fifty-seven million people restricted in their homes.

South Africa purpose of overcoming the virus spread

South Africa’s lockdown policy is among the strictest in the world. The government has forbidden alcohol sales, do-walking as well as running around. Citizens are to stay sober for twenty-one days as per the authorities. Despite the policy in place, on Thursday, citizens are spotted in large numbers in sales at liquor stores. Also, the government has clogged all borders except for those transporting essential goods into the country.

Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, the World Health Organization leader for Africa, says “draconian” limitations should be applied, together with strong public health measures for them to succeed curbing the spread. He as well adds that the gap is closing every day as cases are rising, but there is a chance to have control over the virus. Additionally, he says about half of the affected African states have imported the cases from abroad.

Fight against an invisible enemy

Following the hasty spread and considerable rise in infection cases, South Africans are terrified. Mr. Ramaphosa, the president, says right now citizens are scared, and they should not do anything to deteriorate their situation. He adds that everybody is afraid to get infected, lose jobs, lose income, or get sick with no medicine.

Many South African are going penniless and squeezed into townships. According to the news, some extended families divide up the tiny they have. Furthermore, civil society groups are speculating a rise in domestic aggression in the future, including rape. Redundancy and downturn cases have hiked to twenty-nine percent.

Additionally, due to the lockdown, the economic downfall is spreading all over. So far, South Africa confirms nine hundred and twenty-seven Coronavirus cases with zero deaths. The numbers are increasing and now added to the contractual obligation of Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Last night East African countries launched curfews to contain the rapid spread of the Coronavirus. Burkina Faso recorded its first death case last week and ordered eight towns to lockdown as from last night. Kenya confirms thirty-one cases with one death on Thursday and has launched curfew. Quarantine and lockdown mean that nobody will leave or enter towns involved. The virus does not move by itself, but we are the spreaders. From the look of things, the lockdown policy will help us much. Let us follow the outlaid lockdown measure, and we will survive the Coronavirus outbreak.






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