Somalia’s Former President Cautions Government After a Threat to Journalist

Former Somali president Mohamud Sheikh Hassan

Somalia’s former president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has warned the government. This is  in contradiction of determinations that could disrupt Somalia’s rally in the course of democracy. Furthermore, the warning came after the nation’s intelligence outfit label on one of Somalia’s best journalists, Harun Maruf, as a national security threat.

On Monday, he wrote on a tweet; “Security agencies that threaten the journalists and leaders who mislead the public through fake news and investing heavily unethical social media propaganda is a recipe to the dictatorial tendency which is the demise of any nascent democracy like ours in Somalia.”

In addition,The National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) tweeted on April 2. Declaring the journalist as a threat to security. The journalist who is an employee of the Voice of America (VOA) had allegedly committed “acts outside the media discipline”

Somalia’s former president warning backed

Yet, not long after the tweet was posted, a downpour of responses followed pummeling the intelligence outfit for focusing on the journalist. Who is a key reference point for news on Somalia and the more extensive East and Horn of Africa district. Likewise, he is the co-writer of a book on the radical group, Al-Shabaab.

Also, one tweet response said that Mahmud will always be the top investigative journalist. The tweet added saying that the journalist is very professional and does great interviews that reveal truths.

Additionally, the United States Embassy in Somalia have considered the assignment an assault on press freedom and free media. Somalia year in and year out positioned among the riskiest spots to report news coverage.This is reported by the Press Freedom Index distributed by Reporters Without Borders.

Similarly, the Federation of Somali Journalists (FESO) said it strongly rebukes the online campaign to discredit the journalist by the NISA. They threatened to go to court on Thursday.

Information on the risks of being a journalist

Undoubtably, The East African nation is seen as being one of the high-risk spots to work as a journalist. This is in line with the draconian restrictions put forward by authorities. And also threats of reporting on conflicts. Amnesty’s report says that the situation is getting worse as they live in fear of press freedom.

A couple of months back, human rights bunch Amnesty International announced that writers in Somalia are “under attack”. Confronting bombings, captures, assaults, and beatings. The Amnesty calling on the government to take action. They said the frequent vicious attacks and terrorization of the journalists are making Somalia be one of the riskiest countries to work in the world.

However, the somalin government denied the report terming it as a “fabrication and outrageous accusations”. The government also blamed journalists for making up stories to secure sanctuary overseas.

Consequently, journalists face dangers on all faces. From assaults by Somalia’s Al-Qaeda and Al-Shabaab soldiers to the sponsored authorities. Moreover, the ministry of information said in a statement that there is no evidence. To accuse the federal government of Somalia for the abuse of journalists.

Also, the report said that eight journalists have been executed. And eight more have escaped amid fears for their lives.