Somalia Plans to Set up a Blood Bank in Mogadishu

Somalia has plans underway to protect the lives of victims of attacks. This will be together with vulnerable patients who die of bleeding. The government of Somalia wants to set up a national blood bank. This happens after close to three decades. The government of Somalia has come up with this idea after the second anniversary of the deadliest bombing in Somalia. It happened in 2017 and claimed the lives of almost 600 people. No terror group has claimed responsibility for this ugly attack to date. Somalia plans to set up a blood bank in Mogadishu to curb the aftermath of terror attacks.

Efforts to save lives fruitless

The careful assessment shows that most of these deaths occurred due to excessive bleeding. Efforts to save lives of the injured bore no fruits. This is because there was no access to a blood bank. So, the national blood bank will ensure the victims are taken care of promptly, to prevent excessive loss of blood. Somalia plans to set up a blood bank in Mogadishu. It will save the lives of the victims of terrorism, and other catastrophes.

Blood bank to hold 14,000 units of blood

Bleeding is a major cause of deaths in Somalia. Managing this condition is critical. This is especially in pregnant mothers and victims of terrorist attacks. Setting up a national blood bank will serve to reduce the number of deaths associated with excessive bleeding of the victims. The national blood bank is set to hold 14,000 units of blood, with the first phase of the facility carrying capacity of 10,000 units. In this case, desperate cases of bleeding will be handled fast and conveniently. On top of that, a blood transfusion will be carried out without any complications.

Source of funds for setting up the facility

The Federal Government of Somalia and the willing development partners are responsible for financing this project. Upon its completion, the National blood bank will address the issue of blood shortages around the republic of Somalia. The Prime Minister of Somali, laying the foundation stone of the facility said: “establishing a blood bank, therefore, becomes more urgent, given our context, as it mitigates deaths as a result of bleeding. Providing reliable blood transfusion services will be fundamental to our health sector reform.” H.E. Xasan Cali Khayre is focused to see to it that key milestones are implemented so that Somalia’s development can be accelerated.

Essence of the blood bank

Since 1991, the country has received bomb killings as a result of the struggle for power and overthrowing the running government. For instance, the 1991 civil war led to the massive destruction of property. Its purpose was to overthrow the military regime under the leadership of President Siad Barre. Somalia plans to set up a blood bank in Mogadishu to lessen the magnitude of such occurrences like these. At least some of the lives can be saved.


Establishment of Somalia’s national blood bank is a key milestone. It coincides with the 2nd anniversary of the 14th October 2017 terror attack. During this time, Al Shabaab military group Al Qaeda, attacked Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu. Consequently, killing hundreds of people took place. Too many lives were lost. Then, there was no immediate blood bank where blood issues would be sorted. As a result, most victims succumbed to death. The upcoming national blood bank will be at the forefront in reducing such deaths.