SmartPhone Plant Launched in Rwanda

SmartPhone plant launched in Rwanda provides digital solutions. The factory dubbed Mara Phones was recently opened in Rwanda’s capital, Kigali. The plant’s founder, a Rwandan-based business tycoon Ashish Thakkar, is a UK-born investor. Thakkar is also the founder of the Mara Foundation. There has not been a smartphone manufacturing plant in Africa. There have only been assembling plants that do not manufacture the phones, thus this plant is the first of its kind.  Africa depends on Samsung and Tecno companies for smartphones, which cost $70 and $40 respectively. Mara Phones is here to change this notion.

Mara Phones will serve to provide Africans with quality smartphones that will help them retain a digital presence. The fact that it is readily available is amazing. It will be labeled “made in Africa”. This is quite an achievement. Speaking during the launch of the plant, the founder Ashish Thakkar promised that the smartphones will not cost more than $200. The phones will have exceptional features for easier use by all customers. The smartphone plant launched in Rwanda is also a remarkable step in ensuring Africans have solutions to their own tech problems.

The company hopes to manufacture 200 million phones annually both for the local and global markets. The plant two models to be made are Mara X and Mara Z. The factory aims at competing with major brands which are Samsung and Tecno, which have dominated the African markets for long. A smartphone plant launched in Rwanda has 200 employees who work day and night to make unique smartphones for the digital age.

Today, smartphones are a requirement for everyone. With only penetration of 15% in the Rwandan population, a local plant would increase the numbers. More Rwandans are likely to grab a smartphone manufactured in their country. Mara Phones comes with a package of 2-year payment period. The company will liaise with a bank and Google to help collect the payments in two years. The smartphone plant launched in Rwanda is a step towards the world of digital age and technology.

Mara Phone Plant plans to outdo its immediate competitors Samsung and Tecno. This is by manufacturing smartphones with long-lasting batteries. On top of that, Mara X and Mara Y will have up to date features for easier navigation by any customer. The smartphone plant launched in Rwanda is President Paul Kagame’s joy. He acclaims that this is a step towards tech advancement in Rwanda. It is an opportunity for more Rwandans to access digital platforms for purposes of business too. The President commended Mara Phones’ work of availing the phones at low costs.

The founder Ashish Thakkar is happy for the success of Mara Phones. According to him, it is a dream realized. The continent is a consumer, therefore Mara Phones has made it a producer. There no greater joy than this for the founder. Mara Phones is a subsidiary of Mara Group. It will open another branch in South Africa on 17th October. The factory is looking forward to spreading to African countries for quality products. The smartphone plant launched in Rwanda is the next step in revolutionizing Africa.