Sinikiwe Kademaunga, the Amazing Woman from Zimbabwe Born Without Limbs


inikiwe Kademaunga is a living testimony that disability is not inability. This 26 years old woman lives in Harare, Zimbabwe and her motivational story will move you. Well, Sinikiwe unlike most of us was born with a condition that stopped the development of her limbs long since before she was born. Therefore, she was born with no legs (just thighs) and her hands end at the elbows. Her family was not happy about having a disabled child then, but her grandmother strives to show her how important she was. ” My family was not happy when I was born disabled because that time when a child was born disabled it was considered a curse from the gods,” said Sinikiwe. What hurt her more is the fact that kids her ages laughed at her condition and at just 16 years old, she began questioning her appearance. She learned that society’s perception of a beautiful girl her age is a tall girl. This disheartened her so much since her condition couldn’t allow her to grow tall.

Sinikiwe Kademaunga would use her mouth and the bones at the end of her disabled hands to feed, dress and apply her makeup. Not a single day did she regret why she was created that way. Her primary goal is to find her purpose in life. That’s why she does the  rounds in schools, creating public awareness on disability and the importance of self-worth. Her Instagram page is full of happy posts that show a person full of enthusiasm in spite of her disability.

Sinikiwe says she is very hurt when the actors and actresses mimic the disability condition because it’s not their wish they were born that way. She says that in the movies an actual disabled person should play that role, not just any person. This amazing woman believes that she was born different for a purpose. The love she has for herself is just too much. In fact, Sinikiwe believes that by loving herself without apologies, she treats the world on how to treat her. She said: People still have a negative mindset about disability. But I think a huge shift came for me when I went to university because I had a chance to reflect on my life and who I am.”

It’s funny how the world has associated disability with poverty as Sinikwe has experienced. While in town, many people have met her and dug down their pockets to give her money. They assume that just because she is disabled she is poor. She says: “I am not a charity case, but when people see me walking in town they dig deep down in their pockets and hand me money. I accept not because I am a beggar, but because someone might have done that out of love. Don’t feel pity on me, just know I was born different from you”

Zimbabwe’s International Women’s Awards in 2016 went to Sinikiwe Kademaunga for her unwavering courage to support disability. She then started a blog, “Life in the Shoes of a Short Girl, where she shares her motivational story and how your physical limitations should never hinder you from achieving your God-given destiny.

This wonderful woman is a Self Development Coach, a Motivational Speaker, a social worker with an initiative to change stereotypes of disability and a Make-up artist building her own style. In fact, she has realized more potential than most able-bodied people. It’s her zeal for life that has made her achieve all these milestones despite her disability.