Sexual Abuse in DRC: ‘Negligence’ by WHO Staff is to Blame


The World Health Organization decided to sponsor an independent investigator to look into the matter where staff members were sexually abused. The sexual abuse took place in the Democratic Republic of Congo a few years ago. The report released narrated about the individual negligence and structural failures of a person.


The suspect is an international member in the country who was hired to conduct research about the Ebola outbreak. The pandemic had strike the nation in 2018, but the research was extended to 2020. Ebola was one of the deadliest diseases to ever occur in Africa. It’s a situation where a person infected sheds blood until he dies. Doctors had a rough time dealing with patients. When it occurs in various nations, it becomes a content natural disaster and not just a disease.


Among the people hiring the team, there are some corruption and sexual activities that happened in exchange for the job. A variety of women have declared it during different interviews. Others, who were physical victims of rape, said they could not resist because they wanted the job. Dozens of women poured tears as they narrated the situation.


A written report with 30 page notes scales down sexual harassment within the period. The 10th Ebola outbreak was full of heroic situations. People preyed on others during the pandemic. This sounds bad to the nation. It’s bringing shame to DRC.


Even the team that got the job done did not receive all the gadgets required. The victims were vulnerable as the facilities were being taken for sexual matters. It was a degrading experience for the young staff ladies who went through sexual harassment.


Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the WHO General Director, spoke at the conference on Tuesday. He opened up about reading a 35-page report that has been written for almost three years. He confirmed that there is a need to pump some dollars into further investigation, to know exactly if the report is true. It is inhumane to take advantage of the other gender.


Chief Matshidzo Moeti, the WHO leader from Africa, had this to say,  “As WHO leaders, we apologize to these people, to the women and girls. He warned the involved team against the rough action that might be taken if found guilty. We are moving in the time of equality as others pull us behind.


A commissioner from WHO also termed this as individual negligence. The professional misconduct done by these on leadership is an alarming situation for our younger generation. They are installing bad vices on those who look upon them.


The report has a lot of suspense that requires abstract answers. Sexual abuse and exploitation have been a disease in Central Africa. We have various organizations that have complained about the same matter. It’s upon the leaders to take care of their people. This is the right moment to curb the culprits.


Investigators termed the situation impunity. Staff members should have a positive attitude towards their workers. They must show the correct values to install positive minds in their younger ones. But when we go vice, our generation will get destroyed.



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