Seven Web programming Trends In Africa

Seven programming trend in Africa
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In this present era, we’ve seen the advancement of technology in web programming. With this, we’ve seen web development gain considerable growth since its inception, with many more web development programming languages advancing in their styling, intuitiveness, content make-up, and framework usability. So let’s discuss the seven Web programming trends you can expect in 2020.

  • Functional Programming benefits from Javascript improvements

Functional programming is a more predictable language, and it describes building software based on fundamental principles. While coding JavaScript, you would have encountered programming concepts and principles that you’ll enjoy building software by composing pure functions. There’s no doubt that more improved trends will be available on this platform this year.

  • Vue JS popularity

Vue Js is one of Java’s most progressive frameworks. It was developed in 2014 by Evan You. It is very popular in China and now becoming very popular around the world. Vue JS is a fast and light-weighted framework available for use. Recently, Vue JS is among the best ten GitHub projects in 2017, having over seventy-seven thousand stars on GitHub.

  • Extensions will get more compatible

The web browser extension is becoming a more useful tool today, as it looks, there would be more significant changes to its development in 2018. Web browser extensions modify the functionality of a web browser and can add new appearance or change the content structure. They are written in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Also, Extensions supports a particular browser, but this seems to be changing quite fast, as Firefox now also supports Chrome extensions.

  • Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Application is a Web application with the functionality and design of a mobile app. Mobile development is on the rise, and more users prefer or feel comfortable accessing content with an excellent mobile web view. Several benefits associated with such web applications such as work reliability irrespective of the network, increased engagement, improved user experience, and ready-to-use features.

  • Real-Time Web Apps are getting more popular

Real-Time Web applications enhance the connection between the client and the server. The link between the client and the server is left open as the server pushes the new data. Fast interaction is an urgent need for users in this era of technology; hence, Real-Time web applications facilitate this need. Before this, the client will always have to check back manually for new updates, but as it is, things seem to be changing quite fast, and Real-Time web application appears to be becoming more popular. This trend of fast interaction seems to have spread to other languages and frameworks as well.

  • Mastering Mobile Web Development

With an increase in the use of mobile devices, responsive websites have become obligatory in recent years. The need to master mobile web development has become a necessity for developers. Companies now ensure that their mobile web works at its best, with a functional user interface experience. Mobile application developers are also making sure that mobile phone development is at its current technology trend. Users spending more time on mobile devices is steadily increasing according to “TechCrunch”; therefore, developments make sure content displays are easy to navigate.

  • Material Design

Material Design is likely to gain more popularity in this era. Google initiated it in an attempt to join visual elements and motion. It comes with Google’s material design language, providing components such as Parallax and Toast. Material design is built on a modern responsive Materialize CSS framework that comes in two forms. Materialize and Sass, compatible with all modern browsers which have a good user interface experience.

In conclusion, Web development is increasing, and more initiatives which tend to create a new framework as well as new designs, to meet user expectations and to enable effective communication in real-time.


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