Senegal Partners with UK Lab to Develop a Hand Held Test Kit

Senegal flag
Senegal Flag

Senegal partners  with UK-based laboratory facility, Mologic, to make a diagnostic test for coronavirus. As a result, it can create test results within 10 minutes. Also, the lab said it was working with the Pasteur Institute in Dakar and five other global research associations.

Therefore, they are working to endorse  test kits that will be created by DiaTropix, a manufacturing facility in the West African country.

In addition, the handheld gadget is the first analytic kit created in the UK. It will be mutually produced in Africa, as indicated by Mologic in an announcement by the UK-supported initiative.

“Rapid detection of the virus is important to stop its spread. we are pleased that the UK government has acknowledged this. Supporting Mologic and the work of our partners to prevent further outbreaks internationally,” said Mologic Medical Director Joe Fitchett.

Senegal gets funding from Britain

While visiting the lab last week, British PM Boris Johnson announces that there would be a $58 million fund. Consequently,this will help specialists as they keep on discovering vaccines and create testing units for the deadly virus.

As indicated by Mologic, they got almost $1.3 million from the fund. This was to not just make the handheld kits work rapidly and proficiently, but also without power or requirement for  lab investigation.

Cheaper and faster testing

Using innovation from home pregnancy tests. This saliva, and finger-prick kit could be available for purchase from June. They will be sold for under $1 each. They will be made in Senegal by DiaTropix. This is a recently built diagnostics manufacturing office. It is run by the chief of the Pasteur Organization, Amadou Alpha Sall. He  has led training for coronavirus testing.

“We are ensuring that these tests are made accessible at the cost of manufacture,” said Joe Fitchett. It received a $1.2 million grant from the U.K. government to develop the test.

Eight million tests

Since the illness developed in China, more than 150,000 people have been infected in the world. Closing areas of the global economy as nations lock down cities and ban travel. The U.S., with sufficient assets and clinical innovation, has experienced harsh criticism for moderate testing amid a flood- in cases.

The current Covid-19 tests, known as PCR tests, differentiate the hereditary material of the virus in a lab procedure. This can take a few hours and cost over $400 in some private centers.

Mologic and the Institute Pasteur have joint ability to deliver 8 million tests every year. However, they plan to sell them legitimately to African governments. This is as per the Global Alliance for vaccines and immunization and the WHO, Fitchett said. Mologic is looking to get a manufacturing facility to create extra 20 million tests per year. Firstly, this will be in the U.K., then later in Africa.

Training is  pumped up as well. Fifteen African research facilities got strategies a month ago from the Senegalese foundation. Furthermore, extra training is held in South Africa for another 12 African nations.



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