SecureID, the Nigerian Company Making Smart Cards

  1. SecureID is a Nigerian company that makes smartcards, which include mobile SIM Cards, voters cards, and bank smartcards. The company plays a major role in helping the continent move from cash to plastic money since the present world is moving to digital space at lightning speed. SecureID was founded by a Nigerian named Kofo Akinkugbe 14 years ago, and it has changed the story of most African countries in matters of smart cards. The company processes 200 million smart cards every year, and it’s prudent for African companies to use them to streamline business activities. Though the company was reluctant to reveal its actual sales figures, it’s doing well. SecureID, the Nigerian company making smart cards, should be embraced by all African countries who want to digitize their operations. This is because it’s services are readily available, and you don’t have to wait forever for your smart cards.
Smart Cards Carry Sensitive Data

The goal of SecureID is to bridge the gap between smart cards demand and supply across all the African countries. So far, the company has penetrated 21 African countries where it delivers secure electronic cards, especially in the banking sector. It is at the forefront in making bank smart cards, mobile phones SIMs( Subscriber Identity Module), and voters cards. All these documents carry very sensitive information for the people, and therefore they are must-haves. It’s therefore evident that SecureID, the Nigerian company making smart cards, is heading in the right direction.

According to a report by the World Bank’s Global Findex Database, only 43% of African aged 15 years and above in sub-Saharan Africa have bank accounts. This is an increase from 34% in 2014, which shows that there’s significant growth and, therefore, the potential for even more growth is possible. The rising number of bank account owners means that more bank cards are needed every day. The company’s mandate is in line with Nigeria’s central bank’s vision because it has implemented policies encouraging a shift from cash to plastic money technology. SecureID, the Nigerian company making smart cards, is a sure way to incorporate technology in the African continent.

Humble Beginnings of SecureID

There has been a wave in the continent in such countries as Rwanda, Ghana, Kenya, and others, in efforts to uphold the plastic money technology. This digital revolution aims to help tackle money crimes such as fraud, money laundering, and theft. These issues have been prevalent in the African continent since time immemorial. SecureID started in humble beginnings, whereby it would import the smart cards from Asia and Europe. Back then, things were very hard since orders would take months to be delivered. The company looked forward to the day it would produce the cards itself, and sure enough, it came to be. SecureID, the Nigerian company making smart cards, has achieved so many milestones to date.

After two years of operation, SecureID moved to the next step of development. This followed certification from Visa, Mastercard, and Verve to go ahead and produce the smart cards. Today, SecureID can proudly confirm that things worked in their favor. The smart cards are ready within 12-24 hours. It’s quite an achievement that the customers do not have to keep waiting for the processing of their smart cards. SecureID, the Nigerian company making smart cards, is undoubtedly a sign that Africans can be a technology producer as well.