Schoolgirls Want to End Child Marriages

A group of three schoolgirls from Nigeria have embarked on a campaign to end child marriage. The three namely Kudirati, Susan and Ubogu are teenagers saddened by the state childhood marriages in Nigeria. According to a report, 43% schoolgirls are married off before the age of 18 years. Also, 17% are married off before their 15th birthday. This is so unfair because it denies them the opportunity to get education as well as enjoy their childhood. Read on about the schoolgirls want to end child marriages.

The online petition

The three teenagers came up with an online petition dubbed #itsneveryourfault. Through this platform, the three can mobilize followers to urge the government to raise the age from 11 to 18. They would stop at nothing until the age rule is redefined. They won’t stop at that since they have to hold workshops where they can educate the victims. Most of the victims are not even online because they are subjected to a life of poverty. So far, the online petition campaign has achieved desirable results and by the look of things, more is to come. Thus, schoolgirls want an end to child marriages is a crucial topic.

What are the effects of child marriages?

In the recent past, a story of a 70 year old man marrying a young girl aged 15 years went viral. This got many concerned about this vice that’s growing each day. How does one marry a child that would call him a grandfather?

In the first place, this marriage has unbalanced powers. Of course the man will always make decisions regardless of their negative impact on the bride. On top of it, the child bride will be separated from their friends, family and education. What’s the result? The girl cannot exploit their potential and become someone. Time is gone where the place of women was the kitchen. With education and empowerment, the girls can achieve their full potential. This is what the three schoolgirls are looking to. A society that the girls have education and a bright future. They want to change the status quo in Nigeria where girls are undermined and taken advantage of through early marriages. Schoolgirls want to end child marriages is the best thing.

Effects of the campaign

First off, the campaign will victimize those who have made children brides. It will force them to leave these kids so that they can go back to school and pursue their education. Second, this campaign will create awareness on the girls who are vulnerable to early marriages. They will be educated on the legal measures to take in case the same happens to them. Lastly but not the least, this campaign is bound to help those who are already victims of early marriages. They will get enlightened that it is not too late and that they can change their story. There’s no need to hold onto something that has no future. It’s likely that these young marriages are always characterized of sexual as well as physical abuse. So, the It’s Not Your Fault campaign came just at the right time. The schoolgirls want to end child marriages is key.


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