Scary More Than COVID-19! Online Sex Traffic in Kenya


Investigations are underway on an online sex traffic cartel that has been luring high school girls from their homes for partying orgies that go on for days. According to a tweet posted by the Kenyan Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) on their official tweeter platform.

The Social Media Cartel and Online sex traffic

According to the DCI, the cartel used a social media account named ‘Carty gang-ent’ to lure the girls. It further established that the group has been using internationally registered telephone numbers, although they operate in Nairobi.

An increasing number of worried parents prompted the DCI investigations in Nairobi’s Komarock and Kayole areas, who have reported their daughters as missing.

Young girls rescued were interrogated by detectives attached to DCI’s Anti-human Trafficking Child Protection Unit and the Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau to establish how they were lured out of their home and linked up in Nairobi parting joints.

Money used as bait

A video surfaced earlier this week on social media, where a lady pleaded with Kenyans to help her find her lost cousin. She said her sister and 6 other 16-year-old girls were nowhere to be found after they left home on Saturday 14 November 2020.

“They (the girls) were lured out of their homes in the dead of night, under the pretense of being cast or auditioned to make money,” the lady said.

On their tweeter handle, DCI confirmed that they had rescued three of the girls as of 20 November 2020. They further added that “efforts are in place to trace and rescue the remaining girls.”

DCI’s Warning

DCI has warned those using the COVID-19 pandemic to prey on school-going girls that they will soon be brought to book.

“As the investigations go on, we wish to issue a stern warning to individuals taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to prey on school girls who are at home, especially through the social media networks, that their days are numbered,” read a tweeter statement by the DCI.

Kenyan schools were indefinitely closed in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and are set to fully reopen in January 2021.

Further warning has been directed to parents to observe “their children’s activities at home and on social media networks.”

To the cartel, the DCI said they were “hunting down” the cartel members, and they’ll “be apprehended to answer for their crimes.”



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