Save Your Local: Petitioning South Africans To Help Save Small Local Businesses.


save your local is a non-profit organization that intends to help small businesses. According to Statistics South Africa, 30 percent of all organizations say they need more revenue to last over one month of lockdown. This is all the more pressing among small companies. 73 percent of them caution that they won’t endure a lockdown that keeps going longer than a quarter of a year.

With organizations in the entertainment, food, and the travel industry divisions requested to close, and clients required to remain at home, many are confronting shutting down. Some 53% of these establishments previously getting ready to reduce members of staff.

Save your local seeks to help small businesses in your area

To save small businesses and bolster government support for Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs), a gathering of South African business visionaries, funders, and independent company specialists have come together. They have done so to dispatch Save Your Local, a non-benefit online aggregator that associates private companies with their networks and clients by giving them access to an assortment of a voucher and donation platforms.

Incepted only 10 days’ prior, Save Your Local intends to help private companies by sustaining income and turning away business terminations due to COVID-19. This is being accomplished by giving online income-generating ventures to organizations. Such organizations are presently incapable to work or service clients.

Through its site, small businesses can trade vouchers to housebound clients. The vouchers can be redeemed once the foundation is completely effective post-lockdown. On the other hand, clients can donate to a business of their decision to help staff and cover expenses.

It has registered many small businesses on its platform

In only a couple of days, Save Your Local has had more than 250 small businesses nationwide to register on its base. This is  making it the biggest aggregate hospitality, the travel industry, and administration enterprise in South Africa till now. Also giving an opportunity for organizations and customers to help shape a positive future for their local networks.

“We took inspiration from the American Dining Bonds Initiative launched by, which helps a variety of business owners operating in the entertainment, events, food, hospitality, and transportation sectors, along with many others,” says Yolandi Le Grange, COO at Click2Sure and Save Your Local Board Member.

An initiative by Silvertree Holdings and Team Africa Ventures, and fine-tuned-free-of-charge by industry specialists including Bowman Gilfillan, Husemeyer Advisors, Fraser Consulting, the Beerhouse Group and The Loudhailer among many. Save Your Local is approaching independent ventures in all urban areas across South Africa to enlist on its foundation. Also for clients and potential benefactors to help local organizations by buying vouchers, donating, and urging them to join in the venture.

To sign up for your business, buying a voucher, make a donation, or for more info, please visit On the other hand, reach out to us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook by tagging @SaveYourLocalSA.



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