Safaricom: The all-time Leading Brand in Africa

Safaricom is a leading brand in Africa

Safaricom is a telecom company operating behind the slogan “Transforming Lives.” Since the year 2,000, this giant company has 400 companies in Africa. These companies are Pan African, and they operate on several grounds. Indeed Safaricom is a leading brand in Africa. Since its inception, many opportunities have cropped up. It’s many innovations have seen Africa move to the next level of economic growth. A good example is the “Simu ya Jamii” innovations that helped thousands of Kenyans connect easily.

Kapedo -the base station

Safaricom is a leading brand in Africa with more than 4,000 towers connecting Kenyans. However, these towers running from Turbo to Turkana do not surpass the Kapedo base station. This station is situated at the heart of the Rift Valley. Though before its construction there were inter-tribal clashes, Safaricom could not relent. Kapedo has been of great help to the locals not only for mobile signals but also for power ( first source of energy the community had).

Safaricom is a leading brand in Africa since it has provided the community with endless opportunities through the Kapedo station. This station acts a lifeline to the people. Through it, they can alert the securities when danger hits. Similarly, it links the people to healthcare facilities through the excellent mobile signals it offers. On top of that, this station has enabled many children to access education through mobile solutions.

M-TIBA Program

Safaricom’s partnership with the government and other companies has been to the good of their customers. For instance, the M-TIBA initiative was a result of a collaboration with Carepay, PharmAccess Foundation, and Safaricom. M-TIBA aims to reach 100,000 Kenyans by providing them with affordable health solutions. It does this by linking the patients with 60 health care experts at a little cost of KShs. 300.
M-Pesa Service

Through Safaricom, there is M-Pesa service. It has helped in digitizing programs like Chakula Chap Chap. This is a project that the World Food Program uses to mobilize the people to give donations to refugees. M-Pesa has helped feed more than 100,000 refugees in both Daadab and Kakuma refugee camps. Were it not for M-Pesa, and such programs could not have worked efficiently. M-Pesa service is a handy tool in businesses since it helps to make payments through just a click of your mobile phone. Statistics show that Safaricom processes about M-Pesa transactions 21,000 every minute. This indicates that Safaricom is a leading brand in Africa.

Safaricom Partnerships

Safaricom has engagements that are focused on improving the customers’ lives. One of them is the partnership with Craft Silicon to develop the taxi-hailing app as well as the M-survey. Through the investment fund called the Spark Fund, Safaricom is lifting upcoming companies like Lynk and Sendy. As a result, the mobile and e-commerce industries have the chance to grow in heaps and bounds. Also, these partnerships help Safaricom diversify their income. Through this, it can make plans that favor the customers by improving service delivery.

Solutions to various problems

Safaricom is a leading brand in Africa that has provided its customers with critical solutions. The Safaricom App and Hakikisha are platforms that help customers gain more control over their networks. My Data Manager also allows 3 million subscribers to use fewer data over the networks. They can limit the amount of data consumption on their networks. This helps them save on their airtime. This makes Safaricom position one in Net Promoter Score. Safaricom is, therefore, a leading brand in African markets.