Safaricom joins Amazon to Deliver More Cloud Services to Africa

New cloud service
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Recently, Safaricom has decided to partner with Amazon to deliver more cloud services to part of Africa. Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is the largest cloud platform in the world, has decided to launch a more sophisticated cloud service in Kenya and other parts of Africa. There has also been the signing of a strategic agreement between Kenya’s largest mobile operator and Amazon service. This deal will allow operators to resell Amazon Web Services to comfort and effective use. The agreement also aims to improve Safaricom’s operational cost and internal IT transformation.

“Recently, we have seen that blueprint and skilled resources are needed to assist customers in operating the cloud service. These professional service firms can assist clients with all build, types and size design, architect, migrate, and manage their workloads and applications on AWS. It also helps to accelerate their journey to the cloud,” says Safaricom.

Safaricom will also be able to offer the most of Africa especially East Africa customers cloud services. Safaricom also aims at increasing the most valuable business that wants to grow innovation and break the limit.

“We have decided to partner with Amazon to deliver the best and broadest cloud platform to customers. With a strong obsession for customer satisfaction and an overall commitment to security excellence. The partnership will increase our efforts to allow digital transformation in East Africa,” said Michael Joseph, CEO of Safaricom.

Safaricom is one of the largest telecommunications providers in Kenya; it has also developed to become one of the most profitable companies in East Africa. The company also plans to expand its consumer electronics, telephony, cloud computing, and Fibre optic services. Safaricom plans to expand its cloud services to make more comfortable and affordable for its users.

Effect of the partnership

Safaricom and Amazon have ensured to make this a big outcome in East Africa, as they make advances to other parts of Africa. Africa has started to become a hub of technological advancement. Other parts of Africa are also awaiting this innovation. It allows them to access different types of platforms with different varieties of packages.

Amazon and Safaricom ensure professional services to its users and top-notch packages to keep its customers storage free at all times. They also plan to make it more comprehensive and easy to use. Cloud services have grown rapidly in the western world, but Africa seems slow to use cloud services due to several factors. Cloud service provides less cost storage, due to its pay as you go subscription. This pay as you go packages allows users to enjoy and operate the subscription chosen.

The outcome of the partnership

The cloud service is available 24/7; it is also reliable with the ability to function offline. Amazon and Safaricom also plan to offer flexible capacity that means the service can be turned off and on as the circumstances of the user. With cloud services, you can work from anywhere across Africa, as long as you have reliable internet access. The security of cloud services is good enough; users can also remove sensitive files at will.

The cloud software can be updated at will, managed, and maintained easily. Users also can maintain their documents without letting it get to the wrong hands. The cloud also offers no limitation to the devices used.