Rwanda Government Plans to Boost Young Innovators in Aviation

During the 75th anniversary of the Chicago Convention in Muhanga District, Rwanda’s Minister of Infrastructure, Amb. Claver Gatete made a pledge to the youth to support them. He urged the youth in aviation to take advantage of drone technology that has been at the forefront in delivering healthcare services in Rwanda. International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is a body established by the Chicago Convention to promote safety and sustainability in flights. It was also to “create and preserve friendships and understanding among the nations and peoples of the world.” The Rwandan government’s plan to boost young innovators in aviation is a step towards economic growth.

Achieving Safety through ICAO

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), has done a commendable job for the last 75 years. This is why the agency was celebrated associating its success with hard work and goodwill of the staff. Thus, the youths in aviation should walk in the same steps to ensure safety in this industry.

“Thanks to the tremendous safety achievements that our industry has registered, people fly confidently, seeking family and friends’ reunion, business seizing on commercial opportunities and experiencing natural and cultural discoveries, ” noted Amb, Claver Gatete.

The Director-General of Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority (RCA) Col. Silas Udahemuka, said that the milestones the aviation industry has reached are not to be overlooked. Most importantly, safety and security. Drone technology is expected to maintain safety and security even in the event of commercialization.

“Steadily and purposefully, we continue learning and modifying the innovations and operations through a performance-based regulatory regime,” he said.

Rwanda has emphasized on drone technology

On top of that, the Public Relations head at Zipline technology, Melissa Rusanganwa, called on the youth to make use of the opportunities that the country has offered. It’s worth noting that Rwanda has been very keen on the use of drones in delivering health products like medicine and blood.

“How exciting it is to be in a country where the political vision embraces technology for a good purpose,'” she said concluding that technology should not only be celebrated by leaders but also the youth.

“Five years ago, none of us knew that we could work in a cutting edge drone technology industry here in Rwanda.”

The Executive Director of Civil Aviation Safety and Security Oversight Agency (CASSOA), Emily Nguza Arao also commented on the same. “To the youth, your government believes in you. You should do all it takes to provide the nation with an innovative and fruitful future, especially in aviation.”

The Bottom Line

The aviation industry has grown tremendously. There are more flights recorded than before. This means that the country is getting more revenue as well as promoting friendships around the world. Therefore, the Rwandan government’s plan to boost youth in aviation cannot be compromised. It is during such times that the youth need to be reminded that taking advantage of such a fast-growing industry comes with benefits. Gone are the days where we sang the song we are jobless. The youths should stand up to the challenge and seize these opportunities.

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