Rooibos tea-A True Taste of Africa

Rooibos tea is also referred to as ‘red tea”.  The settlers who arrived in mid-1600 were introduced to local drinks and food after settling at the southern tip of southern Africa. There was this needle-shaped leave at Cedarberg mountains that they would take from a red plant. They would then put it into a hessian bag, then carry it from the mountain. They would then chop and bruise the leaves, leaving them in the sun for drying. The distinct flavor it gave, made it an excellent substitute for the Ceylon tea that was quite expensive.

However, during the Second World War, this is when the tea became popular. This was after the varieties of Asian tea became scarce and hence limited supply in the world.  The Red tea would then gain its international momentum in the health industry as it was known to have many minerals as well as antioxidants, which are suitable for general health.

The unique features are that of being antispasmodic. This trait helps the digestive system. The tea is also known for fighting tooth decay, vomiting, fever, stomach ulcers, asthma. It is also helpful in the elimination of heartburn, constipation, lowering cholesterol and allergies. Also, many people have used it to calm nervous tension. For external use, it can clear the sunburns and skin conditions that are mild, like rashes, itchiness, and infections.

Benefits of low tannins in rooibos tea

  • Reduces the itchiness on a pet with eczema. You can do this by raising their coat with warm Rooibos tea
  • For the baby suffering from colic, boil some water with the tea then leaves it to cool off. It’s very good at relieving the colic symptoms.
  • It is used by many South African as a hangover reliever more so if there is a stomach it along.
  • The red color found in this tea can also use as a dye. To get reddy colors, play along with the strength of the time plus the time frame you want to soak it.
  • It can as well used as a fertilizer of households’ plants from the left-over tea and the used tea leaves.

Rooibos tea uses on babies

  • As a rehydrating drink, when the baby is having diarrhea if the normal one is available.
  • In diluting fruit juices. This is because some pure fruit juices can affect the baby’s first teeth.
  • For soothing baby’s nappy rashes, use a wet tea bag.
  • Use in giving the babies that dislike taking water.

The tea comes in varieties of various flavors. They include almond, peach, caramel, cinnamon, jasmine, and berry. Many people enjoy it while prepared with milk and sugar. Although it mainly gets served as black tea. Sometimes one can take it with lemon and honey. This rooibos tea can make a nice exotic nonalcoholic cocktail.

In a glass, put half of a fruit juice, with half medium rooibos tea that is black, add a bit of ice, a cocktail umbrella, and cherry. The enjoy your cocktail.


It is very essential to note that you should not always rely on the above status point, those are just suggestions which only help in aid the condition but not curing it. Instead, seek professional advice in case of any disease.




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