Rick Pitino Sets the Record Straight on Player Comments: Describes Team as ‘Closest Ever

Rick Pitino Sets the Record Straight on Player Comments

Rick Pitino Sets the Record Straight on Player Comments

After a crucial victory against No. 15 Creighton, St. John’s coach Rick Pitino clarified his recent criticism of his team, emphasizing that he intended to motivate rather than demean his players. In an exclusive interview with FOX Sports, Pitino explained that he aimed to “rattle” his players and ignite a sense of aversion to losing, a strategy he believes is vital for building a winning culture.

Despite facing societal norms discouraging specific coaching approaches, Pitino expressed the importance of being brave enough to apologize when needed. He acknowledged the changing landscape of coaching dynamics, stating that the current era requires adherence to rules and a willingness to apologize for inappropriate actions.

Pitino’s focus on instilling a strong aversion to losing aligns with his belief in its significance for building a winning culture, citing UConn’s enduring success as an example. Despite facing obstacles in conveying his message, Pitino’s team responded positively, securing a 2-0 record for the week and obtaining a crucial Quadrant 1 win against Creighton.

Before the game, Pitino made a memorable entrance at Madison Square Garden, donning an all-white ensemble reminiscent of his Louisville days. His wife and kids suggested the wardrobe choice to inspire and resonate with his players. The team recognized the symbolic significance of Pitino’s attire, with players acknowledging the pressure to win when their coach makes a statement like wearing an all-white suit.

The victory over Creighton marked a breakthrough moment for St. John’s, providing a glimmer of hope in a season marked by ups and downs. Despite starting Big East play strongly, the team faced challenges and was outside the NCAA Tournament picture. The desperation to salvage the season was evident in Sunday’s game, with standout performances from players like Penn transfer Jordan Dingle and point guard Daniss Jenkins, who led the team with 27 points.

The win showcased St. John’s potential to compete at a high level, and players expressed a renewed sense of unity and determination. The victory against a top-15 team was a turning point, dispelling notions of a “same old St. John’s” narrative and highlighting the team’s resilience. The Johnnies aim to build on this momentum as they move forward and solidify their position in the NCAA Tournament conversation.


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