Regional leaders react to the passing of Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak

Regional leaders react to the passing of Egypt's Hosni Mubarak
Regional leaders react to the passing of Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak

Hosni Mubarak

Former Egypt President Hosni Mubarak passed away in Cairo after undergoing a stomach surgery. Following his 30 years rule, he is remembered for his great achievements. Not only did he promote peace between Egypt and Israel but he also built a strong relationship with the US. As such he received monetary support from the US which he channeled to his country’s development. His major objective was to promote security and stability in Egypt. He outlawed groups of rioting Muslims and other forms of insecurity.

However, his government was overthrown in 2011 following the 18 days demonstrations by a popular uprising. They demanded he step down from power. This is because president Mubarak ruled with iron fist back at home. Hence Egyptians regarded him as a dictator. Therefore, he decided to resign and left the military to govern the country. His resignation led to struggles for power between the military and Islam demonstrators.

What were people’s reactions after Hosni Mubarak Died?

The late president was a great role model, many have tried emulating his leadership skills. Including the current Egyptian President Abdel. He declared a 3-day nationwide public mourning. He praised Mubarak as a hero who restored their dignity and pride as an Arab nation by defeating Israel. The military also grieved the bereavement of one of their sons and hero. He was such a great commander in chief of their forces. Moreover, regional leaders from Israel, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, and United emirates also paid tribute for his demise.


Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyaha expressed his grief. He said both him and Mubarak were such close friends. His demise greatly tears him apart as he was his personal friend. He expressed his sorrow with so much sincerity. Saying that the president was a great leader concerned with the peace and security of the people. As such they will try to continue with his legacy.


Palestine leader Abbas Mahmoud conveyed his condolence following the death of Mubarak. He honored the president for supporting Palestinian cause during his time in power. He attributes Palestinian independence and liberation to the support they received from president Mubarak. He grieved with so much sorrow for losing Mubarak.

United Arab Emirates

Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayet Al Nahyan of United Arab Emirates expressed his condolences both to the family and the Egyptian citizens. Moreover, Anwar Gargash, the minister of foreign affairs also said that the president was a great role leader, attributed to his wise and courageous nature. He will be remembered for aiding in the liberation of Kuwait and many Arab crises. Furthermore, he asked the highest to have mercy on him and rest his soul in peace.

Saudi Arabia

According to the Saudi Press Agency, King Salman also expressed his sympathy for the demise of such a great role model. He sent his deepest condolences to his family and the state as a whole. Losing such a hero was painful. Especially as he was an enthusiast of law and order, not only in his country but also middle east at large.