Reasons why there is no business for flower vendors in Kenya

Two primary reasons why there is no business for flower vendors
Two primary reasons why there is no business for flower vendors

At the moment the Kenya President, Uhuru Kenyatta has suspended all the public gatherings, and businesses because of the rapid spread of the Covid-19. Kenyans are to evade congregation in places of worship, communal groups including funerals and weddings. Due to this, Presbyterian churches like Church of East Africa (P.C.E.A) have advised its members to postpone all the planned weddings. Rev Peter Kaniah, the P.C.E.A Secretary-General, says if one is to take place, it should not concede more than five people. Flower vendors have depended on wedding, funerals and all gatherings for a lifetime; however, now they have no option but find an alternative occupation since everyone is under lockdown.

No more Baby showers in kenya

Kenyans are familiar with birthday parties and baby showers. Unfortunately, due to the Corona virus outbreak, all parties and baby showers are off the limits. The bitter part is the fact that there is no way you can postpone your birthday; therefore, the safest way is holding it with your family at home. As per reports the initiator of the Dream Wedding Planner, Clara Nato says there is no business at all.

For instance, she says two of her clients planned to marry in April, cancelled their wedding after the President suspended all public gathering. Furthermore, in Kenya, April is well known as a month full of weddings, but from the look of things, there will be no weddings everyone is at home waiting to see how things play out.

Outbreak effect on Weddings

All Saints Cathedral Church urged all the people whose weddings were underway in due four weeks, to cancel or do a thirty-minute ceremony with not more than ten people. Weddings are significant social affair in Kenya. For it to be enjoyable, those to attendant should come in large numbers, and it should be long enough. It is miserable as the virus outbreak has taken that away. According to reporters, Fatema Bhaiji the initiator of Aura Event Planners says that the couples who had contracted her pull out until August.

The strain affects the flower vendors much as there is no one to take the flowers to after harvest. They all depend on weddings as well as public gathering, but now all are suspended until further notice. Besides, travel is restricted; meaning all the relatives to attend cannot make it. Fatema says all the business opportunities they had put in place for the coming three months are gone.


The bottom line here is that there is no business at all to the flower vendors. The situation at hand has affected a lot of industries in Kenya. For instance, let’s say you sell flowers, and all weddings as well as public gatherings cancelled, who are you going to sell to? Of course, there is no one to sell to since everyone is indoors.

Consequently, have a look at the photographers, wedding cake bakers, jewellery shops and caterers industry. They are an excellent example of the industries hit hard since there is no one to sell the products to. I call upon the government together with citizens, to try their best to contain this virus because it is leading us to poverty.



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