Reasons why South Sudan is facing inter-communal conflicts

Four significant reasons why South Sudan is facing inter-communal conflicts
Four significant reasons why South Sudan is facing inter-communal conflicts

 Fighting against each other is not the solution to our conflicts. At the moment, South Sudan is facing a hard time because of inter-communal conflicts. It all started two years after gaining independence from Sudan in 2011 when there was a political conflict between President Salva Kiir and ex- vice president Riek Machar.

The bad news is this conflict is still underway up to date. It has left many civilians homeless. This article captures several cases leading to these conflicts. Do not miss this, since we ensure you are updated.

Threatening of civilian lives

As per the latest news, more than ten thousand people have lost their lives, and millions have run away from their homes because they are afraid to die.

The impact of these conflicts hit civilians. Many ambushed, beaten, and even their property looted. It is too bad since they have no one to defend them; all in all, they give in and accept the situations. Health facilities are now flooding with people who need medical assistance for the same. As a result of this, civilians starve in their homes or flee the country to seek help.

Oppressing of the humanitarian workers 

Today, South Sudan is one of the riskiest countries for humanitarian workers. It is not safe for them at all because around 101 aid workers murdered after the 2013 war. Last year a sum of 22 employees were kidnapped.

Leave alone the workers; People are dying for the reason that they are not getting any help because the people responsible run for their lives. Its logic, no one is willing to work in areas with insecurity.

Unproductive peace establishment methods

The warring parties reconciled and signed a peace treaty in August 2015, but since then nothing has changed. They continue to fight each other every day, pushing many civilians out of the country. Homes, infrastructures, and health facilities have destroyed, and this leaves them no choice but to flee.

It’s high time for the international as well as the regional board to take action and support freedom fighter in South Sudan. They ought to be determined and stable to overcome these conflicts.

Famine outbreak in the country

Economy is going down as a result of the war. Plantations burned down, and companies looted. As a result, food is expensive, leaving about 70% of families to starve. The government should take action because these numbers are not going down if fighting proceeds.

Since 2017 famine has been a rising issue in the country although humanitarian aid has tried to turn around the situation. Only 21% aid in one year and that’s not enough for everyone. A lot of marketers and farmers are displaced, and this is why the country is starving.



The humanitarian board should come up with new strategies to reach the needy. Armed groups should now come to their senses, come together and free the humanitarian agencies. It will make things more comfortable as the needy will be taken care of, and the country will be saved from conflicts.





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