About a Rapper’s Concert to Raise Fees

Renowned South Africa’s rapper AKA has announced a project to raise university fees for needy students. During the concert, he will mobilize the people to come forward and raise money that will be used to pay for tuition fees, especially for those students in debt. The father of two alongside his wife said that the project is selfless, and he’s only using his influence to give back to society. The project has gotten the celebrated rapper all hyped because he says this will clear many debts that young people face. It’s very traumatizing to secure a job, and the first thing that clicks is paying the debt you incurred. This is according to the rapper’s baby mama DJ Zinhle, who fully supports this initiative. Rapper’s concert to raise fees comes alongside his music career.

The name of the concert

This concert dubbed #FeesForAllMegaConcert is scheduled to take place in early 2020 or late 2019. It will help raise R10m and R15m for millions of varsity students trapped in debt. The concert will take place at Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg. The rapper said this idea came up when he was scrolling social media and saw the story about the KFC couple. He saw how brands were willing to give money to the cause. So, he thought, what if these brands focus on supporting severe issues like education? Henceforth, the idea. The good-hearted musician never went for his higher studies, but seeing students stuck in debt gave him a burning desire to save the situation.

He thought about doing a free concert whereby he would donate the proceeds from brands and fans to this cause. However, the concert, as many would perceive, is not to seek fame. Instead, it’s about holding the hand of someone who wants to be something in the future. When individuals are built, the society and the world at large becomes a better place. Rapper’s concert to raise fees is out of sympathy.

During an event to promote the concert, the rapper said that he’s optimistic that the show will be a success. He hopes that brands will come out in numbers to give to the cause. In so doing, the target would easily be met, and the students will have gotten help. Education opens opportunities for you; therefore, needy students should take advantage of charities like these which support them. They should work smarter since a big challenge of tuition fees has been removed.

The Bottom Line

South Africa’s famous rapper AKA is concerned about the welfare of students in the university. In the recent past, he donated half a million to WITs University to assist in clearing tuition arrears. He’s also determined to see his latest project work so that all can go to school with no hurdles. Mobilizing fans to give to such a cause is the best way to give back to society. AKA dramas to see those students become somebody in life despite the hurdles they face like inadequate school fees. Tickets for the concert will be picked starting December 5, and all fans should purpose to attend.


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