Prominent 30-Year-Old Zimbabwe Broadcaster Dies Of Coronavirus.

Prominent 30-Year-Old Zimbabwe Broadcaster Dies Of Coronavirus
Prominent 30-Year-Old Zimbabwe Broadcaster Dies Of Coronavirus

The African Continent And Coronavirus.

The African continent has had several cases of coronavirus. About 43 countries have cases of COVID19 while 11 do not have cases of the coronavirus. Africa cases tally at 1400 and about 100 recoveries.

The African governments in many African states have measures to help in controlling the deadly virus. The Nigerian cases are at 40 and in South Africa, the president has put it under national lockdown as cases reach 554.

Botswana president is in self-quarantine now and in Kenya, 9 more cases are on record bringing the total to 25 cases. Mozambique, Eritrea, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Cape Verde, Niger, Zambia, Djibouti and Gambia all have index cases on record. As of today, Rwanda records more cases reaching a total of about 36 cases. Togo recorded a case of a patient who recovered from the coronavirus.

Gabon recorded a case of death while Mauritius which had no case receives its 1st case. Nigeria shuts down all tertiary institutions in an attempt to control the spread of the coronavirus.

There have reported that the African continent is not reporting on under-reporting cases that why it records few cases than it seems to appear. Ethiopia, Nigeria and Burkina Faso all have new cases COVID-19 and Namibia have 3 new cases.

African states keep on implementing measures such as ordering restrictions, banning flights and closing borders to help stop the continuous spread of coronavirus.

The Sad Story Of Zororo Makamba.

Zororo Makamba, a 30-year-old television journalist and one of the 2 cases that tested positive for coronavirus, is the 1st case person in Zimbabwe to die from the deadly virus. The young man traveled to New York where he contracted the disease. When he returned to his home country, he got flu-like signs and symptoms and he went to the hospital where he was admitted.

Makamba got in an isolation facility at Wilkins hospital where he was receiving treatment. They say Zororo was suffering from an underlying condition known as the Myasthenia gravis and later went for surgery to remove a chest tumor.

Vimbai says Zororo was close to her while they were growing up.

“He was Zo, our little brother and ever happy friend who always saw a silver lining in every situation. It is so difficult to accept that someone who was so full of life will no longer call to check in again,” she says.


The authorities are digging their heel deep as they are trying to trace and track people who were in contact with him.

The Views Of Government Officials.

Monica Mutsvangwa, Zimbabwe’s information minister, encourages the citizens to be vigilant and take measures against the virus.

Emmerson Mnangagwa, the President of Zimbabwe, says all borders should be closed apart from for the returning citizens. He also says all public gatherings exceeding 50 people should not take place.

The president also added that all clubs, gyms, and bars should not be open to help in controlling the rapid spread of the new coronavirus.