Precious Exposes Notorious Men who lasts for Curvy Women in Ghana

Men who love curvy women exposed
Men who love curvy women exposed

Di Asa 2019 winner, Precious Mensah, a.k.a. PM has recently revealed how some unscrupulous men are targeting the curvy women in Ghana. They are doing this with a clear intention of using them, and they dump them. During an interview on Yen Tv, Pm said that her friends, who are also plus size, realized that they have been dating one guy for quite some time.

Men who likes Curvy Women

According to her, she noted that the notorious men are the Ghanaians who are living out of ghana.

“There is this guy who lives abroad. He has proposed too many plus-size girls in Ghana, but what he doesn’t know it that we, the plus-size people, are networked. Usually, when we meet, we talk,”

PM disclosed. 

She further said that:

“One person can say I am dating this person, and when they show you the picture, you will realize that it is the same person proposing to 3 or 4 people in our network. So I do not entertain social media dates or chats,”

Strict Warning to the Notorious Men

Pm goes ahead to advise these notorious men to learn the art of sticking to one woman. She tells them to avoid dating the plus side with intentions to dump them after using them. She warned if they don’t stop, her together with the squad will not hesitate to expose them to the public.

Pm explains that there are womanizers who leave out of Ghana who usually are proposes to three different plus size women. Then after arriving in Ghana, the move from one hotel room to another and each hotel with a different lady. And before anyone realizes it, you find that all the ladies have slept with one person who later turns to fights.

Measure to stop Men who Target Plus Size women

“But we are networked even online. We are about to identify and expose such men. They should learn to stick to one plus-size woman and stop dating three friends at the same time,”

she noted the award winner said that, due to how people used to talk about her big body size, she started taking pills after listening to them so that she can shed some weight. However, the taking these pills brought untold adverse side effects on her which affecting her lungs, heart and some vital organs in her body.