PlayStation Virtual Reality is The Future Of PS 5


Sony came a long way in technology and people ought to respect that. On June 11th, Sony revealed the PS 5, the Future of Gaming, and the next-generation console, that people had long waited for it. They revealed the features and the design of the new machine. However, they missed one important feature that is trending in the world of technology. That feature is known as Virtual Reality.

What Is Virtual Reality?

The VR is a computer-generated experience that is the same or different from the actual world. Applications of VR can comprise video games and medical training. There are also forms of virtual reality-style tech such as mixed reality and enhanced reality. As of today, normal VR systems use VR headsets and multi-projected settings to come up with real images or sounds. The most interesting thing about the VR tech is that one using a VR device can look around the fake world and communicate with virtual objects. Uniquely modified areas having many huge screens create the Virtual Reality effect. Through haptic tech, the VR allows force and sensory responses.

The PlayStation Virtual Reality

During the growth of the PSVR, its codename was Project Morpheus. Sony Interactive Entertainment created the PlayStation Virtual Reality. The PSVR came to existence in October 2016. It is compatible with the PS 4 and PS5, which Sony is yet to reconfirm, consoles. In some PS games for the Virtual Reality, one player who wears the headset will act distinctly from others with no headsets. PSVR collaborates with either the normal DualShock 4 controllers, the PSVR Aim controller, or the PS Move controller.

The features of the PSVR are extremely interesting. It has a 5. 7-inch OLED panel, and a 1080p resolution. The VR headset has over 7 LEDs on its exterior for the PS camera to trace 360 degrees change. As of last year, the PSVR has sold over 5 million units globally.

The Astro Playroom

The Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio’s ASOBI Team is developing the Astro Playroom, a 3D platformer. The game is a continuation to Astro Bot Rescue Mission and is available to PS 5 home video game console without necessarily downloading it. On 11th June 2020, Jim Ryan, the Chief Executive Officer of PS, announced the game at the PS 5 event.

Earlier Thoughts On The PSVR- The Future Of Gaming

Before today’s updates on the issue of the PSVR on PS 5, people thought that Sony was going ahead without a PSVR continuation. With the amazing experience that the VR brings to one’s gaming, leaving behind the PlayStation Virtual Reality would mean no positive future of gaming. The PSVR with the SSD of the PlayStation 5 would transform die-hard gamers into Virtual Reality gamers.

Today’s Updates On The PlayStation Virtual Reality

In an interview published on CNET, Jim Ryan, the president and the Chief Executive Officer of the Sony Interactive Entertainment, mentioned updates on the PSVR. He says that the PS Virtual Reality is well-matched with the PS5. Actually, with the experience of PSVR on PS 5, the Future of Gaming seems to be brighter than it was.



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