Innovation Hits Cameron; Plastic Bottle Boat.

Innovation is at its peak in this generation, and here we have recycled plastic boats in Cameron. The essence of Innovation is to provide a solution to problems or challenges facing a particular region, and this generation of critical thinkers and smart brains are doing just that. Once again, there is an innovation in Cameron that tends to solve an economic problem to the poor, who are financially unable to afford a boat. This innovation also shows that anything can be recycled if critical thinking and processing is applied. The plastic bottle boat in Cameron is the first of its kind on the African soil. It just feels great to see what the mind of a student can invent and reduce the waste of plastic bottles.

Background Of Plastic Boat Innovation.

No man indeed accomplishes a great height alone without the assistance or support of another like mind. Hence this Plastic boat invented in Cameron was the product of a Cameron based non-profit association Madiba & Nature. This organization was created in 2015 to work towards the conservation and enhancement of nature. And it is worthy to note that their aim was well accomplished in the inventions of this plastic boat which can limit pollution and conserve nature. Their effort in fabricating floating canoes from the collection of empty plastic bottles prompts people to think differently about how they use and dispose of items, mainly plastic bottles.

The innovation of this plastic boat was prompted with the experience of a young man named Ismael Essome Ebone. He was just a student when he got his inspiration, where he was taking shelter after a thunderstorm in his neighborhood. Standing there as a young man, he watched empty plastic bottles float by on flooding water. And boom! his mind went into action thinking about the damage they could cause to dams and rivers. After this event, he began collecting empty bottles in Cameroon, thereby reducing pollution within the region and turning bottles into boats. Ismael waiting to test his plastic bottle boat when another storm blew, and his boat floated on the water. It wasn’t a wasted effort because his dream came through, and his intentions were met, and he was encouraged.

One could say that Ismael is a man with dreams and ambitions. After his test worked in 2011, he didn’t relent on his mission to curtail pollution in his region. Instead, he went further by investing his monies into launching his non-profit Madiba & Nature. They take care of the collection of plastic bottles around Cameron and converts them into Plastic boats. It became their sole responsibility and dedication to carry out and meet the needs of fishermen and ecotourism.

Insight To Individuals And The Organization

The success of this innovation has open young minds to begin the search for the solution to problems in their environment.  This innovation also inspired a Cameroonian organization to install the nation’s first Ecobin for the collection, sorting, and recycle waste materials. Ecobin is a comprehensive technology that manages the collection of waste, which enables the reduction of cost and the impact of pollution on rivers and lives. A process was achieved through one innovation “From plastic waste to Ecobin” this means that revolution is attainable.


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