Pain and Reflection a Year After Ethiopian Airlines Crash

Pain and Reflection a Year After Ethiopian Airlines Crash

The Tragic Ethiopian Airplane Crash

10th March 2019 is a fateful day that will always be remembered where the most tragic Ethiopian plane accident occurred. It is this day that the families that got affected will remember their people in their hearts forever.

At 8:38 am, 6 minutes after the plane took off from the airport, the large plane crashed killing many people from different nations. 157 is the number of people who died from 33 different countries and there is hardly a survivor. 8 crew members were among the souls that suffered from the tragic accident.

The Ethiopians gathered together and people were crying and mourning, deeply hurt about their family members who were victims of the plane crash.

Adadi in central Ethiopia is a small village whereby the plane crushed and it caught the surprise of many villagers. Since the crash took place a fence is erected around the village to cover the area and also a holder of the ET302 memories.

Despite people suffering from trauma and stress about the loss of their loved ones on the plane crash, the scheduled flights on that day were able to be managed neither were their cancellation of flights.

The Narration Of Abera Lenjso

Abero Lenjso is a 62-year-old local farmer in the area who was a real witness of the plane crash. He says that he heard a very loud sound while he was sipping his hot coffee by the table.

He went for the door and what he saw was an explosion followed by a large smoke covering the air which found a way into his house too. People who were near the scene ran towards the burning plane and later called the local authorities to come to the rescue.

Many mourners, top government officials, and journalists came in large numbers to witness the terrific accident in Adadi. He says that the village was not known by many people till then, the mourners came in the scene and they were treated cordially by the residents and also shared in their losses.

2018 Lion Air Crash

A similar accident as the ET302 also happened in the Java sea. It was carrying 189 passengers of which no one survived from the crash.

The plane was traveling to the island of Sumatra from Jakarta. At 6:30 while in the air, it lost all controlled air contacts which was just about 12 minutes after the plane took off.

The pilot in charge asked if they could return to the base and it is the time contact was lost. The plane crashed in the same spot where it lost its touch.

The Aftermath

Following the ET302 crash, Boeing recorded a loss in billions. Reports say that the Boeing MCA’s were the cause of the crew losing the plane’s control.          There was a guess that the Ethiopian Airlines will change to other plane makers but Kaleyesus Bekele, an Ethiopian aviation journalist, says that the Ethiopian Airlines will not change its partnership yet.

Some of the families which were affected filed a lawsuit against the Boeing. Recalling Benyam Alemayehu words:

“My heart was beating real fast, and I was shivering. After hearing Yared was the pilot of the doomed plane, I cried out loud, and I had nightmares in the days after the crash,” he is still mourning for the loss of his best friend.