Oil Bounding Sudan And South South Sudan.

Oil the only thing that has been able to create a bounding effect on Sudan and South Sudan. Since South Sudan gained independence from Sudan in 2011 after votes where cast and majority supported independence, violence has marred the relationship between both countries, but since Omar al-Bashir’s rulership of 30-years as president of Sudan was put to an end after a mass protest. Sudan and South Sudan is faced with an opportunity to redefine their relationship because for South Sudan to exploit the oil resources it needs Sudan just as Sudan needs the dividends that would be brought by Oil to boost their finance. Now both countries have realized that peace and unity can be achieved by negotiating on a table and not through violence. But one could wonder if they would be able to focus on the economic agreements that can help their economies, with the internal struggles about the political woes going on in each country.

Its A New Dawn

Just a year ago, it had seemed like there would be no change in the political realities of Sudan, which finally has begun to change, after the mass protest in December 2018 over the conditions of living such as fuel shortage. Awow Daniel Chuang, Sudanese Minister of Oil and Energy, announced in September that discussions are ongoing to renew an accord spelling out the two countries’ cooperation regarding the production, transport, and processing of oil. Peace talks between the new leaders in Khartoum and Sudanese rebels groups were hosted at Juba on 21 October. It enabled them to sign a ceasefire agreement. South Sudan and Sudan are happy to work together since South Sudan’s Pipeline, and port have to transit its oil through Sudan to the international market, while Sudan heavily depends on South Sudan’s oil to bridge its economic deficit.”

A Better Future

Oil production, which would hopefully comment in December, is a step to development in South Sudan and Sudan since oil exploration had been hampered for some years in South Sudan due to conflicts between the government and rebels. Talks are going on on ways to repair oil facilities, which were damaged by conflict such as Block 5A in the region know as Unity State near Sudan border. And according to the South Sudanese minister, the two countries agreed that up to 16,000 BPD would be produced in 5A. Flexibility is all that is required to keep the understanding and peace between these two nations, which would enable them to enjoy the benefits of collaboration.

Notable Remarks

According to the new Sudanese Prime Minister who is an expert in Economy; he said, “he understands that both countries depend on each other and that oil is of great importance to both countries,”

Awolich said, “Cooperation is the way to go. For the last eight years, we had been trying to bring each other down, and we have only succeeded in bringing all of ourselves down”. midleeasteye.net/news

The Relation between South Sudan and Sudan had been that of violence, but today Oil has become a political sticking point creating a mutual bond between the two countries. And a peaceful atmosphere has been attained for business and economic growth within both countries.



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