Officials in Namanga Flirting with COVID-19 Pandemic

Officials in Namanga Flirting with COVID-19 Pandemic

The Pandemic

Today, the Corona virus, declared a pandemic last month is spreading rapidly around the world. According to the news, Kenya has recorded more than one hundred confirmed cases with three deaths. As a result, the government has imposed strict rules to help curb the rapid spread of the virus. Most of the citizens have taken the measures seriously while others are flirting. The Kenyan federal government suspended travels across borders to assist in fighting the Corona virus outbreak. Here comes the bad news, despite the government ban on trips across borders, some illegal visitors manage to sneak in and out of the country.

The outcome at the borders

It is a few weeks since Uhuru Kenyatta; the President of Kenya gave an order for all borders to remain shut. Some citizens are disrespectful as they have come up with routes to overcome the cross border travel ban. According to the latest news, citizens in Namanga, Kenya-Tanzania border, somehow make their way in and out of the country.  Now, local people are slamming the government for not applying adequate measures to prevent infected visitors from entering the country.

The border residents are crying out to the government to put more testing kits as well as quarantine centers to ease the tension. The government claim to have banned travel across borders, but somehow visitors are still streaming in illegally. Consequently, Ibrahim Abraham, a trader based at the outpost, urges the government to supply testing kits to the hospitals at the borders as they fear that the visitors might sneak in the deadly virus.

According to the news released on Thursday, the health officers in the border only check for body temperature for those entering the country. Also, reporters say that on the same day, only three health ministry officials were available. Most of the residents say only the truck importing essential goods should be allowed into the country.

The border takes matters lightly

According to reporters, several health staff members did not wear masks. Besides, they did not sanitize their hands while in the hall, and there was only one hand washing spot at the entrance. Residents say that movements across the border continue unregulated despite the government directives. Additionally, they say the trucks into and out of the country are not escorted by security officers as ordered by the government.

To make matters worse, the truck drivers, as well as passengers in the Namanga to Nairobi road, are not wearing the necessary protective gear such as gloves and face masks. According to the residents, this hikes the Corona virus’s fear. Reports say that the officials based at the border refused to give a remark on the matter.


Despite the ongoing matter in the border, authorities have taken a step forward to ensure people follow the rules. For instance, Mr. Joshua Nkanatha says that the border is porous, but they are doing their best to minimize illegal entries. Mr. Nkanatha adds that the government is prepared to work shoulder to shoulder with Tanzanian authorities to tighten restrictions on the border. I call upon the people at the Namanga border to take things seriously, and we will succeed in containing the virus.



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