Nigeria’s Supreme Court Has Overturned Results of a Gubernatorial Election 

Nigeria’s Supreme Court Has Overturned Results of a Gubernatorial Election 

Nigeria’s high court has annulled the November 2019 results for the gubernatorial seat in Bayelsa State. They attribute the verdict to false documents submitted by the deputy governor of All Progressive Party during application. Biobarakuma Degi-Eremienyo knowingly submitted counterfeit documents. Thus his maliciousness negatively impacted his colleague. As such the transparency of the governor and his team is questionable. Because of this ruling, the elected governor is to step down and surrender his powers to his immediate opposition.

It is quite devastating for David Lyon as he has to step down following compromised documentation by his running mate. Especially after being declared triumphant over his main opponent, candidate Senator Douye Diri. As such his opponent from Democratic Party is legally recognized as the legit winner. Hence will be awarded a certificate.

Why was Lyon denied power

The magistrate ruled in favor of the opponents because Lyon and his teammate were running under one ticket. Hence any fraud by one equivalently imprisons the other. This unpleasant verdict was passed days to the swearing-in ceremony. Not to mention, the inauguration rehearsals were already completed.


Previously, the gubernatorial seat belonged to a member of PDP. Hence, the November results declared a comeback of APP. Consequently, the victory was long gone before celebrations.

Duoye Diri reacts to his victory at Supreme Court

Following the unexpected turn of the election results, the newly elected governor commits his victory to God. At the time of the verdict, he expressed excitement having emerged victorious. Especially since before he was a senator. Thus eyed the governor’s seat. The great news was received by mixed reactions from his supporters. They marched in the streets and rejoiced in celebration. Since his victory different visitors are consequently visiting him. He awaits his inauguration in a few days.

Goodluck Jonathan reacts to Douye Diri’s victory

The retired president Goodluck Jonathan urges the governor-elect to maintain his zeal towards sustaining peace and staying responsible. As the governor of Balyesans, he expects him to use the opportunity to deliver unity and justice among the people. He advises him to be a good role model and humanitarian to promote the prosperity of the Balyesan state.“Your journey to Creek Haven is a divine one, so I advise you to use the position to do good to humanity and pursue the development of the State in order to write your name in gold. You have worked with me before as a commissioner, so I am without doubt that you will live up to the expectations of our people,” Jonathan said.

Why are gubernatorial seats fiercely eyed

Gubernatorial seats in different regions of Nigeria are greatly eyed by many. Such seats are accompanied by demanding qualifications which should be legit. In an attempt to forge documents by the winning team, their victory is always short-lived.

Governors are entrusted with powers and demanding responsibilities within the state. Thus expected to be brilliant, hardworking and committed. The governors control the allocation of funds. Such that they organize the distribution of funds in health sectors, industrial growth, and even transport and communication networks.



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