Nigeria’s New Rules on Passport Holders

 Nigeria has eased the application of visas for new passport holders. Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari announced this. Therefore, African passport holders into the continent’s largest economy will have a visa in January 2020. It is now easier for Africans to travel to the most populous country when the announcement comes to effect. This article is about Nigeria’s new rules on passport holders.

Nigeria will start issuing visas for all African nationals. Buhari announced this while attending the Aswan Forum of peace and development in Egypt. However, his new policy remains unclear since no details beyond the statement. His statement was to ensure the free movement of Africans over half of the continent. Below are the new rules that have come with the visa application.

Visa issued on arrival

African passport holders will be issued with the visas on arrival in Nigeria. As Buhari announced, this policy will ensure the free movement of Africans within the continent. There is no official communication from Nigeria’s government, but a tweet from the policy is expected to take effect in January 2020, as said by Somali foreign affairs minister. “If it comes into effect, it would be a major boon for the continent-wide push ensures the freer movement of Africans. But as there are no concrete details beyond Buhari’s statement in Egypt, exact details of new policy remain unclear”, Quartz Africa published.

This policy will not only help to push up of Nigeria’s economy but also Africa’s. Massive interaction of business and trade activities will drive forward the economy of the country and Africa at large. Nigeria’s new rules on passport holders is a sure path to economic development.

The applicant requests a country of origin

The visa applicants will request visa applications at their countries of origin before arrival in Nigeria, as Buhari tweeted. Getting permission from the country of origin will facilitate the faster and fair application process. Consequently, this will curb any informal authorization of documents and help in the legalization of visa documents. The applicants will need to visit Visa headquarters offices and Nigerian embassies in their countries of origin. They need to hurry since both will be closed on the 1st of January 2020 for the New year’s holiday scheduled on that date.

Failure to have a legal permission document will lead to the cancellation of the application process. Moreover, the applicant will be denied the grant for a visa. On arrival to Nigeria, permission is granted for the visa application. Eventually, the form for Nigeria will be ready after five business hours. It will then be emailed to the applicant so that he/she prints and signs. This will mark a successful authorization of Nigeria’s Visa. Nigeria’s new rules on passport holders are a sure way to economic prosperity.


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