Nigerian Actress Mercy Johnson Movie Career

Mercy Johnson Okojie is an award-winning Nigerian actress. She is the senior special assistant (SSA) of Kogi’s State governor on entertainment, arts, and culture. Mercy Jonson Okojie was born in 228th August 1984. Her parents are Mr. Daniel Johnson and Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson. It’s worth noting that while growing, Mercy shared a special bond with her father. She followed her wherever he went for work. Therefore, she has attended several schools like Nigerian Navy Primary School, Rivers State Secondary School, and Nigerian Navy Secondary School. Mercy Johnson is married to Prince Odianosen Okojie, and together they have three lovely kids.

How Mercy Johnson Started her Movie Career

Mercy Johnson started her movie career in 2003 after a decision not to school again. She went to auditions for the movie The Maid where she got the role of a possessed maid. She performed exemplary well in this movie. As a result, her acting career grew fast and this saw producers calling her for major roles in their movies. Mercy Johnson has starred in over 200 movie films. Mercy says her acting inspiration came when she watched a movie by Genevieve Nnaji, Sharon Stone. It’s then that she wanted to be successful like Genevieve. On top of that, Mercy’s background was not a wealthy one, thus she always wanted to make a career that would help her support her family.

Mercy Johnson’s Business Ventures

Mercy’s Menu – This is a kitchen show where Mercy will invite celebrities to share their lifestyle experiences. The 13-episode show was set to go live in July and the host would be Mercy Johnson. The celebrities will be interviewed about their marriages, tips to spice up their lifestyles, et cetera.

Mercy Magic – Mercy Johnson is a fitness expert and her Mercy Magic is all about health and keeping fit. It has herbal mixtures for reducing tummy fat and helping in slimming, Each pack has an exercise routine, a meal plan, flat tummy tea, and slimming tea.

Virony and Mr. Chef Iodized Salt – Mercy Johnson endorses the two companies which produce detergents and sanitary pads and iodized salt respectively. The companies trust her as their ambassadors due to her influence, thus the products will reach a bigger market share.

Mercy Johnson Okojie Foundation – Mercy Johnson Okojie Foundation was founded with a primary role of supporting widows and the less privileged in the society. Over a thousand women have benefited from the foundation. This is mostly women in Uromi, Edo state food supplies. The foundation has also provided back up to Boys Reform Home, Oregun, and the Al Iremand home, Lagos. It also donated to #SaveOJBJezreel campaign and other charitable causes without seeking media publicity.

Mercy Johnson’s awards

2018 – Actress of the year at the Eloy Awards, 2014- Popular Choice Female at the Nollywood Movies Awards, 2013- Best Actress in Comedy by Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards, 2012-Google’s most searched Nollywood Celebrity, 2012- Best Actress in a Leading Role in Nollywood movies Awards, 2011- Google’s most searched Nollywood celebrity, 2009- Best supporting actress in Best of Nollywood Awards and 2009- Best Actress in a supporting role at the 5th African Movie Academy Awards. Mercy Johnson is a hardworking and passionate actress. She says that the more she continues acting the more she loves her job. Her zeal to make the world a better place is evident through her determination to come up with unique opportunities.