Nigeria recovers millions in corruption probe at key ministry

Nigeria recovers millions in corruption
Lewis Joly

Nigeria recovers millions in corruption: As part of their continuing corruption investigation involving a key government institution, Nigeria has announced the recovery of approximately $30 million.

The Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, which is responsible for fighting poverty, is the agency that is being investigated for fraudulent operations.

A statement was issued by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, which disclosed the discovery of a web of fraudulent activities within the ministry.

The seized monies were linked to ministry officials who had been suspended or removed from office.

Just six months after taking office, President Bola Tinubu removed Betta Edu in January. Edu had been the minister responsible for humanitarian affairs and poverty alleviation.

Corruption within the ministry is one matter under investigation; another is the possible misappropriation of COVID-19 funds, which were allotted to the ministry to fund poverty alleviation programs and included monies borrowed from the World Bank and those recovered from the late ruler Sani Abacha.


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