Nigeria: President Buhari Urges Citizens to be Vaccinated


Cheers as the African continent kicks off its vaccination campaign. Nigeria happens to be among the front liners in the vaccination endorsements. The west African state began the immunization at the onset of this month, and the reception is excellent as many are optimistic. There is hope that it won’t be long before the cases start declining.

The Vaccination

The immunization process was initiated by a doctor who spent the last couple of months treating covid patients. He was the first person to be inoculated against the virus. The health worker expressed that he was happy to be the first nor the last. He stressed his desire for everyone to show up for the vaccination process.

Since Nigeria has so far recorded over 157000 cases of corona, a massive turnout could minimize the chances of contracting the virus. And that, in turn, could promote the revival of the state’s economy.

President Buhari Vaccinated

Earlier yesterday, President Buhari received his first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine. The latter is an Indian manufactured vaccine from the COVAX scheme. Mr. Buhari received his vaccination after a leading health official. Most of the health workers are optimistic that the vaccine would help curb the virus.

“Yesterday, our frontline medical personnel, top on the priority list, were vaccinated. Today, I have received my first dose as a demonstration of leadership and faith in the vaccines’ efficiency. I wish to recommend all Nigerians take it upon themselves to do the same to fulfill our mutual interest. I call on state government, religious leaders, traditional elders to mobilize people within their environments and spheres. The vaccine provides a chance for a covid free nation. Let the turnout be per the order of priority,” said President Buhari.

Sources revealed that President Buhari displayed his vaccination certificate for the cameras immediately after receiving the batch. His main aim is to show the civilians the credibility and legality of the process. At the same time, he praised Nigeria and other West African states for implementing collaborative and stringent measures to fight the virus.

Although Nigeria received its first shipment of vaccines from Covax, there were initial claims of delay. Since the Covax initiative aims to help the low-income states access the vaccines, the delay and limited supply contributed to worry and a thriving number of new cases. The underdeveloped countries were concerned, especially as the rich nations had already started their immunization campaigns.

Are There Other Covid Measures in Nigeria?

Other than the unity among the Economic Community of West African States, Nigeria has maintained the mandatory covid safety rules, masking, sanitizing, and social distancing. Masking, for instance, has become a culture among the civilians, more so in the capital city, which the virus impacted tremendously.

Nevertheless, as the state is slowly resuming normalcy, some reluctant beings have chosen to hold unauthorized meetings. Meanwhile, the speedy development of vaccines is quite a significant step to keep everyone safe. President Buhari has also promised to ensure that amid the pandemic, all Nigerians are secure. That was in light of the growing insurgencies in the rural areas.




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