Nigeria Mourns 43 Farmers Killed by Militants, Dozens Missing


Nigeria is still in the war zone with the terrorizing Islamist group in the West African region. On Sunday, Nigeria mourns 43 farmers killed in a massacre. Moreover, dozens of farmers are missing, and security forces are active in the search. The Islamists militants remain the top suspect in this gruesome act.  With 43 bodies dead, the villagers tend to believe otherwise. According to the villagers, almost 70 people are dead. Hopefully, the security forces will be able to affirm the villager’s claims. Currently, the villagers from Zabarmari are living in great fear for their lives. although promises to beef up security in the region

Ruthless massacres; Nigeria mourns

Most of the heads of the corpses were missing from their bodies. Most certainly proves the execution-style was beheading. Their executioner targets seem to be gender-biased as 30 of the casualties were men. The massacres rummaging through the village commenced on Saturday early morning. Subjecting the villagers to a state of fear and worry for their friends and loved ones, especially for those missing. All suspicions lead back to the two main terror groups; Boko Haram and the West Africa Islamic state. Claims from the terror groups are yet to be made concerning the Massacres. Moreover, the Islamic State alone is responsible for 30,000 persons’ lives.

President’s remarks

The killings managed to attract the presidents’ attention. Muhammadu Buhari’s remarks expressed the country’s state as a whole. From his statement, Nigerians are hurt by these events. In attendance at the burial were dozens of villagers. The deceased bodies, wrapped in white burial shrouds and mounted on wooden pallets, were arranged for prayers. Afterward, they would be left to rest with the hopes of their perpetrators being arraigned.

International take by the UN

United Nations could not back away from this devastating news. From the humanitarian coordinator Edward Kallon, the act is outrageous and quite horrifying. Moreover, it is by far the most violent direct attack on the Nigerian citizens in Zabarmari village. Most of the villages are currently subject to post-traumatic conditions that can worsen their state of mind if not attended to. Moreover, the UN has so far confirmed 110 deaths across Borno state in Jere local government area. The world as well joins Nigeria to Mourn 43 of the farmers killed and many more civilians due to unrests in the country.

The governor of Borno state, Babagana Zulum, also gave some remarks during the burial. He advocates for the importance of beefing up security. Mores soldiers need to come for the recruitment process, and civil defense fighters need to be put in place to protect the farmers. Furthermore, food security needs to be addressed to ensure food is accessible to everyone and avoid unnecessary movements for the sake of safety.





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