New World Order: Is There A Chance For Africa?


There are concerns about a new world order. For quite a long time, Africa has battled find its way in a globalization process. Being driven by money powers, as an outcome, an enlarging of inequalities: more prosperity for the minority and more poverty for the largest number.

Seemingly, the world is moving towards dynamic dehumanization. Also, the accomplishment of man is not a significant concern, however the fortifying of capital through an interminable increase appears to be the main objective.

Like a wild machine, the men’s world has run into a divided race for more benefit. Furthermore, it is a race driven by men who will themselves be overlooked toward the finish of every change process.

Additionally, production is limited with the target of looking for productivity and profit gains. Profit sites become the focus of making world riches. A force for good which would be best shared for the greater happiness of humankind.

I wish through this reflection, and in these hard times to challenge Africa. Through its pioneers and our Union (the African Union) through its members, to play as a mainland in its own right. As an African Nation.

New World Order in progress

Right now another world is being made before our eyes, bringing forth another world order. The Africa we love so much should be the main player in this procedure. I mean particularly as an actor and not onlooker. United Africa should get this spot as well as take responsibility for it if necessary!

Africa has its say in this globalization of the economy. The present and particularly the days ahead will surely be among the saddest. Also maybe the most appalling throughout the entire existence of humankind. However, with the incredible expectation that another world, loaded with hope and restoration will open up.

Mankind is seized with the question, on account of an undetectable infection that is crossing the world to plant destruction. “powerful” nations vie for leadership with poor nations consistently at the declaration of the results and the disgusting desolates of the ailment on a planetary scale.

The gap between the rich and poor nations is unexpectedly “bridged” since the outcome is the same for all rich and poor. So far, the solution has not been found and the weakness of the individuals keeps on standing up for itself consistently.

Africa should unite as a strong continent

Africa has its say. She must act at this very moment, with full duty, assuming its full position, relieved of this weight of a feeling of inadequacy. The continent will no longer have this justification, to clarify that everything that transpires is because of others. Africa is confronting its predetermination. she must think fast and well. It has the methods, the abilities, and the help of friendly nations around some major non-constraining issues.

What will be the spot of our landmass in this new worldwide financial administration with a model that up to this point has recently indicated its cutoff points? What administration finally will place the improvement of the HUMAN in the expansive feeling of the term at the core everything being equal and not the advancement of the MAN in the individual sense.

Africa’s limiting issues

As per reports from the World Bank and OXFAM, it is referenced that given the novel coronavirus pandemic, Sub-Saharan Africa:

  • Is moving in the direction of its first degeneration in 25 years
  • Growth should pull back between 2019-2020. From 2.4% to between -2.1% and -5.1%
  • The reduction of agricultural produce will be between 2.6 and 7 %
  • A food crisis
  • The decline of 10 or 30 years in the fight against poverty (OXFAM)
  • Food imports decreased by 13 to 25%

The G20 has quite recently met, with all due regard to the G20 specialists, I dread that this will be another missed meeting with “56% of the aggregate of the very needy individuals on the planet” According to the last report World Bank Triennial on “Outrageous Poverty in the World” the revamping and the unwinding of the states of installment of the obligation don’t have a similar degree as the dropping of the obligation.



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