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This year 2020 will deliver new smartphones with unique features for comfort and convenience. In this article, we look at the most-anticipated smartphones of 2020. These phones are well built with a good camera, more improved AI features good body design and more. These new smartphones will also be available for Africans.

Apple iPhone 12

Apple iPhone 12 is set to be launching late 2020; the phone is rumored to have an all-screen face. The design of this phone will have a flattened metal frame, which looks more like the classic iPhone 4. Customers are also expecting a shift in its screen size; let’s say between 5.4in, 6.1in, and 6.7in. There are also suggestions that no notch will be included and sensors packed into its slim upper bezel. This phone will also have four unique cameras. The cameras are set to have a 64-megapixel shooter and a time-of-flight camera.

Huawei P40 PRO

Huawei has already unveiled its P40 line; these lines include the P40 Pro, P40 model, and P40 Pro+. The standard Huawei P40 comes with a 1080p OLED screen with a size of 6.1in. It has a Kirin 990 5G chip onboard and 3800mAh of battery power. The smartphone also has a triple camera setup; it comes with an affordable price and smooth operation. Also, both P40 Pro+ and P40 Pro come with 6.58in OLED screens.

These also have a 90Hz refresh rates and a 2640×1200 screen resolution for easy viewing and comfort. The Huawei P40 Pro+ and P40 Pro come with an inbuilt 4200mAh battery pack, Kirin 990 5G, reverse wireless charging, and wireless charging. Also, the P40 Pro+ has an extra camera, provides a 20x hybrid zoom, and max zooming capabilities of 100x, while the P40 Pro comes with a quad-camera setup with promising 10x hybrid zoom. With the Pro+, you have the opportunity for more storage options and speedier wireless charging.

One Plus 8 and One Plus 8 Lite

As the launch of OnePlus 8 draws near, more information about the device is beginning to surface. The One Plus 8 features and design is an improvement on the One Plus 7T. The One Plus 8 is rumored to deliver a bigger shift and a similar design to One Plus 7T. It is expected to have a Snapdragon 865 chip and a 6.78in QHD+ AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz. The device will also have four back cameras and a 4300 mAh battery. It will also have a waterproof feature and wireless charging.

In addition, the One Plus 8 Lite will also be a unique having a centered punch-hole cutout. The device has a flat-screen with a left side rectangular camera module on the back with two sensors. It is expected to have a size of 6.4 – 6.5in with a fingerprint sensor and a lower-end Media-Tek processor.

Huawei Mate XS

Huawei launched “Mate X” its foldable smartphone only in China. After receiving much success, Huawei has decided to unveil its enhanced Mate Xs around the world. Hence, the company is ready to put more strength into transforming its new set of mobile devices. The Huawei Mate Xs fold open to expand its 6.6in display into a tablet-sized. The size of the tablet form is 8in and it puts its entire camera on the grip allowing users to use it effortlessly and conveniently.



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