New Rules in Kruger National Park Implemented


Kruger National Park is found in South Africa. It’s among the biggest game reserves in the world as it’s home to a variety flora and fauna. The national brings in a substantial amount of revenue to South Africa, accounting for 5% of the NAtional GDP. Tourists come from all walks of life to view the endangered species, flora and fauna alongside other wonders of nature. Unfortunately, in the last few years, Kruger has experienced some challenges. Excess tourists are invading the ways of the animals either causing discomfort or accidents. Besides, the poachers are on the lookout for the endangered species. They want to kill them for their expensive trunks and horns. So, amidst these challenges, Kruger management have embarked on changes. Read on to learn about the new rules in Kruger national park implemented.

The Latest Sight App

This app as its name suggests helps to locate the animals. So when the tourists install their app on mobile phones, they can get updates of where exactly the animal is. The app gives the speed of the vehicles around where the animal is and all the activities on sight. Though the app helps in easily locating the animals, it has some disadvantages. When users locate animals at a go, they may crowd where the animal is, causing congestion. Thus, the animal is in discomfort. On top of that, poachers use this app to perform their heinous activities. They would search the animals’ location only to kill them. That’s why this app has both advantages and disadvantages.

ShotSpot Software

Kruger National Park has successfully developed software that spots where the shooting took place. Shotspot is so swift that it locates instantly where the shooting happened. Hence, the animals at risk can be rescued in seconds. Also, the software is an easy way to track down poachers who are shooting the animals. It’s amazing to learn that ShotSpot communicates the information on shooting within 98 seconds. This technology is just a way of streamlining the game reserve which is now invaded by notorious poachers. New rules in Kruger National Park implemented will solve the menace of insecurity in game reserves.

Limiting the number of tourists

Kruger National Park records a high number of tourists streaming to see the game. However, the numbers are too high that it becomes even hard to attend for the customers. That’s why Kruger’s management has come up with new rules for  the limiting of the number of visitors. Limiting the numbers ensures no straining for the resources. It as well helps the game rangers facilitate everything comfortably. Congestion is not allowed since it’s also the cause of accidents. For instance, some time back an overspeeding driver hit a giraffe that fell on the car at the back. The driver and the giraffe died on the spot. To prevent such accidents, strict measures need to be taken always.

The Bottom Line

National parks need to be safeguarded if we are to enjoy flora and fauna. Poaching has become the order of the day. However, tightening the measures and rules ensures the world is a better place. That’s why new rules  in Kruger National Park implemented count a lot. So, now there will quite some order in the reserve.


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