Need of more Reinforcement; CAR Violence


CAR is yet to experience peace following the prevailing violence in the country. This is after conflicts broke out since last year during the elections. Rebels began expressing their disappointments through protests even before the elections were announced. The rebels are believed to be under the influence of the denied presidential candidate Francoise Bozizè. Efforts to counter the enraging rebels’ chaos in the country up to date are proving to be somewhat difficult for the country. Reinforcements have been on demand ever since the attacks.  And now more peace-keeping personnel is urgently required. The UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres calls for an additional 3700 military personnel into the country to help in the CAR peace mission.

CAR Violence

This month would CAR be celebrating an anniversary to make an end of a year of fighting from rebels. Instead, the country is still on an ongoing war conflict between the very same rebels. The only difference is this time; an election is a trigger to the ongoing violence. The conflicts date back to Bozize`s dismissal for presidential candidacy by the CAR court. The emerging violent rebel group disturbing CAR peace is believed to be connected to Bozize`s allies.

Nonetheless, the elections took place under very tight security. Faustin Archange Touadera was re-elected for the second term. The electoral commission declared him a winner with 53% of the votes. However, his win has not been a walk in the park. Touadera continues to face opposition from forces linking back to Bozizè.


Guterres requests an additional 2,750 military personnel and 940 police force. A total that nearly rounds up to a total of 3700 reinforcements. This number adds up to 14,400 militaries and 3020 police reinforcements into the state. Guterres is still waiting for approval by the UN security council. He further affirms that the reinforcement is not going to serve as a substitute for the current.

Guterres says the additional reinforcement is to foster the process of attaining peace in the country. He also urges the CAR government to help hand with the armed groups under last year’s agreement. This will help hasten the attempt to quicken the process of achieving peace. Additionally, the president should prioritize fostering national reconciliation and dialogue during his reign.

Impact of the violence on civilians

The violence has had enormous effects on its people. 2.8 million are in dire need of aid and protection as a result. This population is alarming as it accounts for more than half of the country`s total population. 2.3 million of this population are languishing in food insecurity. Moreover, a total of about 5252,000 persons fit the emergency category. Aid is needed as soon as possible.



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