Namibia Authorities Launch Manhunt for ‘Dangerous’ Escapees

Namibia Authorities Launch Manhunt for 'Dangerous' Escapees
Getty ImagesCopyright: Getty Images The trial-awaiting suspects cut through the roof of a police cell before escaping, police say

Namibia Authorities Launch Manhunt for ‘Dangerous’ Escapees

The escape of 11 prisoners from a police cell in Namibia’s north-eastern Zambezi region has prompted a large-scale search by law enforcement authorities. The prisoners, who were awaiting trial for serious crimes, managed to cut through the roof of the Katima Mulilo police station and escape on Monday.

According to Kisco Sitali, the police spokesperson in the region, the escapees used pieces of blades and ropes made from blankets in the jailbreak. These items were found in the cell following the escape. The escapees are considered dangerous, with one of them being described as a notorious repeat offender and a murder ex-convict.

While three escapees have been re-arrested, the search continues for the remaining individuals. Authorities have warned residents to remain vigilant and report suspicious activities or groups of people to the police. This heightened state of alert is necessary given the serious nature of the crimes for which the escapees were awaiting trial.

The incident has also drawn attention to the overcrowded conditions in the police cell, which reportedly housed more than 100 prisoners despite having a capacity for only 16 people. Additionally, the cell was undergoing renovations during the escape, highlighting potential security lapses that may have contributed to the incident.

The escape underscores the challenges law enforcement agencies face in maintaining security and order in correctional facilities, particularly in cases of overcrowding and inadequate infrastructure. Efforts to address these issues, along with the apprehension of the remaining escapees, are essential for restoring public confidence in the criminal justice system and ensuring the safety of communities.


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