Mozambique to Receive Reconstruction Fund from Portugal

Mozambique to receive reconstruction fund from Portugal

The disaster of cyclones, Idai and Kenneth that hit Mozambique in the months of March and April caused lots of damage. As a result, Portugal is set to roll out a recovery plan for the affected parts of Mozambique. The cyclone hit a few months after 9 storms had hit. This left Mozambique in a very sorry state due to the destruction of property and crops that followed. This article is about how Mozambique is set to receive reconstruction fund from Portugal.

Leaders’ remarks on the plan

Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa assured Mozambicans of support in the reconstruction process of their country. “I express, once more, Portugal’s solidarity with Mozambique, with the Mozambicans that were the victims of or suffered the cyclones of Idi and Kenneth. Portugal had the opportunity with its armed forces, civil protection, and emergency services, to be on the front line of the emergency response. We would like to reaffirm our full availability and commitment to continue to be on the front line in the reconstruction period,” he said.

President Filipe Nyusi during a four-day official trip to Portugal gave his appreciation remarks at a press conference. He said, “We continue to address our appreciation to the Portuguese government in mobilizing the solidarity movement, to the victims of the tropical cyclones Idai and Kenneth in Mozambique, in March this year.” The devastating cyclone Idai and Kenneth hit the Southern part of Africa in the months of March and April, killing more than 650 people in Mozambique only. The impact of this was really bad since the crops were destroyed at the prime time of harvest. This negatively affects the people forcing them to rely on food aid up to the year 2020. Statistics also show that more than 1.3 million people are in need of emergency food assistance after the tragedy.

What the Funding will help in

Portuguese funding will help finance health, education, and other social welfare projects among the vulnerable communities in Mozambique. Speaking during the opening of the Portugal-Mozambique Economic Forum that took place in Lisbon, Portuguese Prime Minister Costa confirmed the sources of the fund. It will constitute about 700,000 euros from the State budget and 500,000 euros from private contributions. Altogether, the finances are projected to put Mozambique back on its toes, more so economically.

Other sources of the funds

The Portuguese fund will be backed up by more funds from other sources.  This will help Mozambique be resilience in disaster and other natural calamities. This includes funding under the Portuguese-speaking countries segment. For instance, 16.1 million euros from the investment fund, InvestimoZ and the Compact for the Development of Portuguese-language Countries. Public entities like municipal councils, business associations and Lisbon’s Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation will also contribute their share of funds.

The plan for Portugal’s aid to Mozambique is part of extending friendship. Extending relations of cooperation and consolidation between the two countries. Also, strategies to help Mozambique face such disaster in the future are underway. This will as a result help in strengthening its economic, political, and social sectors. For better management of the funds, the two governments signed a memorandum. It will involve Portuguese Instituto Cameo in the controlling of funds through a tender process. In efforts to fully regain it’s country’s normalcy, Mozambique’s government will ensure the fund is used in projects of NGOs. This will be for a timeline of 3 years.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, Mozambique to receive reconstruction fund from Portugal is a well thought out plan that will surely get the country to its previous state.