Mozambique reports bird flu outbreak on laying hen farm

bird flu (1)

On Friday, the World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH) said that Mozambique had detected an epidemic of highly virulent H7 avian influenza, often known as bird flu, among poultry in the country’s southern region.

Using data from Mozambique’s health officials, the Paris-based organization reported that the bird flu epidemic was discovered on a farm with 54,207 laying hens aged between 23 and 30 weeks held in a high biosecurity facility.

A significant bird flu outbreak that has killed millions of hens is plaguing neighboring South Africa, one of the continent’s top poultry producers.

Governments and the poultry industry are concerned about the virus’s spread after it decimated flocks worldwide in recent years, interrupting supplies, driving up food costs, and creating a danger of human transmission.

In 2023, Mozambique saw a catastrophic bird flu outbreak that significantly impacted the poultry business and the general public’s health. In addressing this issue, it was essential to comprehend the outbreak’s characteristics, how it spread, and how quickly the Mozambican government reacted. Mozambique has taken critical efforts to stop future spread by working with international partners and enforcing strong biosecurity controls. As things change, caution is necessary to avert a more serious disaster.


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