Most Used Smartphone Brands in Africa – 2020

Smartphone brands

Since the advent of GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication), smartphone brands have become ever-present in most countries in Africa. GSM started with analog telephony and later switched to digital telephony. Digital telephony has contributed to the popularity and rise of smartphones in Africa.

Nowadays, there are faster, better, and sleeker mobile phones. Now, many smartphone brands have seen Africa as a huge market. Every year, mobile phone manufacturers compete which each other by producing better quality phones than the previous inventions. This allows them to gather a lot of market share to stay relevant in business.

Due to the improvements in mobile phones, there has been a change from the era of Java featured phones to old Symbian smartphones to smartphones with cutting edge technology. The change was designed to provide users comfort and satisfaction when multitasking. The improvement has also brought about preference and choice for one brand over the other.

Here are the most popular smartphone brands in Africa


Samsung is the world’s largest phone manufacturer. It is a South Korean company, which aims to develop an electronic product for convenient use. Samsung series known as Samsung Galaxy series is the most popular in Africa. This series has high picture qualities and excellent internal systems. The high-quality pictures and great internal systems of this mobile phone make it favorable in the market. These mobile phones are also affordable for many Africans. The device is good for multitasking and it also comes with good battery life.


Tecno Mobile is a Chinese company that has been in the African market for a long time. This brand is one of the preferred phones by an average African. The firm has produced several phones which are very affordable and efficient. An example is the Camon series; this mobile phone has excellent back cameras and very sharp front cameras. The mobile phones produced come with good design and durable batteries.


Apple is one of the world’s mobile phone manufacturer. Apple’s headquarters is in the United States of America. Apple products rank the highest in terms of preference and choice. It has also bettered its rival in terms of phone hardware and software. In terms of security and picture quality, Apple remains one of the best products with these features. Also, Apple has the most secure operating system and the most dependable mobile phone brand in the world. Most Africans are in love with Apple iPhone because they are strongly built and beautifully designed. The quality and design bring good value for your money.


Huawei has proven to be one of the largest mobile phone developers in the world. The brand surpasses Apple in 2020 and has been in the African market for some time. Recently, because of their ability to improve they make unique smartphones that are convenient and comfortable to use. Huawei Y9 2020 is a model captures the hearts of most Africans. It was designed for convenient use and it has a good camera, body design, processor speed, RAM size, and more. The camera also has a unique Artificial intelligence design, which allows the camera to detect various scenery even in low light conditions.


Recently, Infinix mobile phone has become more popular among Africans. Infinix develops phones for average earning citizens. One feature that makes it stand-out is the production of constant sharp cameras. An example is the Infinix Hot series, which is one of the most popular Infinix’s smartphone series. Furthermore, once a new smartphone is released, the company sees significant patronizing. Also, there has been significant development in the production of mobile phones every year.


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