Microsoft Launches a New Programme to Help Africa

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Microsoft launches a new program to help start-ups in Africa. This program projects a new Global Social Entrepreneurship Programme. The program is designed to make the world safer and to help new businesses build innovative and powerful technologies. Entrepreneurs and Innovators will have more ways to drive technology in Africa. The purpose of this program is to drive purpose-led social enterprises. Measuring success by what it’s able to achieve than the profit they make.

The firms also face tough and complicated issues that can be difficult to solve. With this, Microsoft is set to help start-ups access skills, technologies, grants. And Customers to help solve specific issues that may arise through this new program.

“Solving global environmental and social challenges requires the use of the best technology, partners, and to ensure that they function within a serene environment. When startups work together with governments, communities, investors, enterprises, and non-profits, we can unveil new potentials,” says Microsoft4Afrika Director, Amrote Abdella.

About the program

This initiative is also designed to assist social enterprise firm. It will help social enterprise startups scale and build their companies to a global standard. Microsoft has a vision of creating foundational building blocks to assist these startup firms to achieve worldwide impact. A firm that becomes part of this program will be given maximum access to free Microsoft cloud technologies. This also comes along with technical support and guidance need to improve potential services.

Also, joining this program will let startups be part of a community of like-minded innovators. With this, they can share ideas, celebrate success, and foster connections. Microsoft has stated the program will be active in 140 countries. It will also seek to assist founders with various perspectives and backgrounds.


A firm based in Cape Town, Zindi, has seen incredible opportunities from this program. These opportunities are a catalyst for applying the potential of AI technologies to challenges in businesses, non-profits organizations, and governments in Africa. Zindi also has the opportunity to connect with various data scientists and engineers through this platform. The data scientist and engineers are at every level of experience. A platform will also be launched for hosting online machine learning competitions, And also solving difficult problems that AI and machine learning can solve.

Recently, the firm has garnered various competitors which include UNICEF-sponsored efforts to make use of AI to know the impact of flooding in Malawi. The challenge will be previewed at the International Conference on Learning Representations. It will include using AI to detect tax fraud and using a computer vision to recognize crop diseases. The challenge is also supported and sponsored by Tunisia’s Ministry of Finance.

The results from these challenges are important because it uses AI to affect the needs of most African communities and organization. The CEO of Zindi, Celina Lee, wants a greater long-term impact by helping to support and build a thriving AI ecosystem in Africa. It also gives young data scientists and engineers the opportunities to improve their skills, connect with potential employers, and build their work portfolios.

What is needed to access this program

This initiative from Microsoft welcomes all Social impact startups from around the world. To qualify for this program it’s a must company have a business metric. This business metric must measure the impact of the firm on the environmental or social challenge. It could also be an established service or product that will benefit the firms, from access to enterprise customers and a commitment to the excellent use of AI. Qualified startups will benefit greatly from accessibility, grants in the areas of sustainability, employability, and skills.

The program will also be a long program which in return helps startups benefit economic growth over that period.



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