Microsoft Jumps 7% As Cloud Services See Pickup.

Microsoft Jumps 7% As Cloud Services See Pickup.

 Microsoft and COVID-19 Updates.

Microsoft jumps 7%  as granivorous cases keep growing every day as countries put strict measures towards containing the spread of the disease.  Witnessing over 36000 lost lives, people need to adhere to measures put on by the World Health Organization.

Among the measures put up, social distancing is the one that has more emphasis. People need to work from home and even communicate without physical contact. This is important because the rate of infections will reduce and people’s lives will be at safety.

The Trend Of The Stock Market.

Stocks of many companies fell during this period as investors fear putting their money on the line. Starting this month, Microsoft stocks were down by almost 1%. Nasdaq and the S&P 500 recorded falls of 9% and 11% respectively. However, as of today, Microsoft company has a different story. Its stocks rose significantly while the S&P 500 together with Nasdaq still record a drop in their prices.

Why Has Microsoft Recorded A Positive Growth Despite The Crisis?

Many people opt for online stuff since everyone wants to avoid being a carrier of the COVID-19. The company of Microsoft says that its online services are getting better since most people are using them now.

The shares of the company also rose over the other tech companies such as Apple, Alphabet, Facebook among many others.

Earlier this week, the company’s shares closed up at 7%. This shows that Microsoft is now doing and performing better than other main tech stocks. Its gains on online services is a very much pleasant thing to hear amid this hard time.

Workers are increasingly using Microsoft online products to communicate with each other while staying indoors.

The Team App And Microsoft Views.

People get to use this product in online conversations such as chat messages and video calling. Similar to dating apps where people get to know each other without physically meeting with one another. These dating apps and websites are the new ways of finding love during this coronavirus pandemic.

Team app adds 12 million more daily users, bringing its total to 44 million. Microsoft came up with a fresh version of the Microsoft 365 bundle. It creates accessibility of the product to its users.

Microsoft gives a figure of 775% upscale in the app’s rate of calling and meeting monthly customers in about a month in Italy. A great number of daily consumers still use Skype app in getting to interact with the rest of the world.

MS Windows Virtual Desktop and Power BI service products have seen a slight upward trend.

Stifel analysts wrote.

“We believe COVID-19 will continue to speed up the shift to flexible and scalable cloud services. And we believe Microsoft remains well-positioned to capitalize on these trends both in the short and long terms,”

Microsoft and other tech companies such as Facebook and Twitter are collaborating with the WHO for the COVID-19 hackathon. Hackathon means having an event for some days where people come together to engage in computer programming. Here, WHO is trying to use technology to help control coronavirus.