Meta appeals Kenyan court’s decision it can be sued in Kenya


Meta, parent company of Facebook, has filed an appeal in Kenya. Disputing a judgement that ruled a possibility to sue the firm there despite the fact that it has no physical presence there.

Earlier this month, a Kenyan labor court determined that Meta may be sued in the nation. This was after a former content moderator filed a claim citing bad working conditions at the company.

The moderating of Meta’s material was contracted out to Sama, a firm based in the United States with a branch in Kenya.

However, last month, Sama said it will no longer offer moderation services on Meta.

Meanwhile, Daniel Motaung, a former content moderator for Sama, filed the case on behalf of himself and other former workers.

It requests monetary compensation, and impartial human rights assessment of the office. In addition to an order that outsourced moderators have the same healthcare and salary range as Meta workers. Plus protection of unionization rights.


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