Mercy Ship; Africa Humanitarian service.

Humanitarian service so far is one of the best ways to live a mark on earth. Humanitarian services are aimed at providing relief to suffering by individuals in whatever areas they can render help. Moreso, those who render these services do not limit themselves to nations, tribes, religion or social class. Rather they help to foster self-reliance for people of all nationalities and religions. However, these services are usually short term relief activities that usher in long-term help from the government and other institutions. And when the government or other institutes step in, the humanitarian group excuses themselves with the joy that they have saved lives. Since their help is to save lives and alleviate suffering while maintaining human dignity.

According to Michelle Obama, in her book titled Becoming. She talked about one important thing she learned from Queen Elizabeth and that is; Humanity is more important than Protocols or Formality. 

There are diverse foundations and humanitarian groups in Africa doing their best to provide solutions to different problems. It is worth noting that most people who offer these relives to the poor, victims of war, sick people, etc, are mostly volunteers. However, there are a lot of NGOs playing leading roles in health care such as Mercy ship Africa. There are over 100,000 registered NGOs (non-governmental organizations) in South Africa and in Kenya which keeps growing.

Background Story Of Mercy Ship

Mercy Ship is an International Charity organization that was founded by Don Stephen in 1978. However, International hospital ship  SS Hope was his major inspiration. So far the organization has provided humanitarian services to over 57 developing countries and 17 developed countries around the world, according to goodnewsnetwork. Some of the projects Mercy ship as taken up include; community health education, mental health programs, etc. Moreso, it operates one of the largest non-governmental hospital ships.  Hence it has built a strong financial support system through donations from the public and within the team. Moreso, there are medical companies that donate pharmaceuticals, equipment, and supplies to them due to their consistency and diligence. And its focus is currently on Africa to offer humanitarian services like free health care, palliative care for terminally ill patients.

Impact of mercy ship humanitarian service in Africa

For a project to be tag-successful, it must have had an influence on people base on its aim.  Mercy ship, however, operates from a room on a ship where medical attention is given to patients. The area is usually called a sickbay or a ship hospital. This is because wherever there are humans there is a need for the availability of at least a first aid or a medical team. For example, during their 10-month stint in Cotonou, Benin, about 76 children/ teenagers received medical surgery of various terminal diseases.

A young girl called Valerie gave an account of how her angled bowed legs had hindered her from going to school. Hence she had to enroll to learn a tailoring skill at her uncle’s shop. However, her legs were restored to normal after Mercy ship doctors removed a wedge of bones from her kneels via an opoeration. And today she is happy to return to school and fulfill her dreams since she can walk and run perfectly.

Valerie is one of the 76 beneficiaries of Mercy Ship humanitarian service which rendered free Surgery to terminally ill patients in Cotonou, Benin. According to goodnewsnetwork

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