Meet the US-Nigerian Selfless Surgeon

He’s a US-Nigerian surgeon since he was born and brought up in Nigerian but now based in the US. Dr. Olawale Sulaiman is a committed doctor who uses his skill and talent to give free surgeries to patients regardless of their origin. Sulaiman is a professor of Neurosurgeon and the chairman of the Neurosurgeon department at Ochsner Health facility. He’s based in New Orleans where he works as a major spinal surgeon and in Louisiana where his family has settled. Upon getting opportunities abroad, he swore to always give back to the less privileged back home. Surgeons are busy but this one-of -a-kind gentleman aged 49 years, finds time in his tight schedule to serve the people. What a selfless doctor! I’m sure you will be glad to meet the US-Nigerian selfless surgeon.

What ignited the zeal to give back?

According to him, Sulaiman was born in a family of 10 kids in a polygamous setting. He fondly remembers how they could share a single room and eventually sleep on a mat on the floor at night. This spurred his zeal to work hard in life. Since he was a bright child, he won a scholarship immediately after high school when he was 19 years old. He was able to get admission to Bulgaria for his university education through the Nigerian government External Aide for disadvantaged students. After that, he went to Canada where he met his wife. They then moved to the U.S. where they are now based together with their kids. Meet the US-Nigerian selfless surgeon.

How does this doctor juggle his work and family?

Every month, this dedicated surgeon has to organize a trip to his home country, Nigeria, to offer free and affordable surgeries. So what he did is agree on a 25% cut on his salary to cater for the traveling times to Nigeria. While in Nigeria, Olawale performs free surgeries and uses his company RZD Foundation to mentor the young people. His remarkable work is notable in the whole of Nigeria as some patients give testimonials of successful operations by him. As we talk, Sulaiman has treated more than 500 patients and through his company, provided medical equipment to 5,000 patients.

The essence of giving back

Dr. Sulaiman Olawale urges the Africans who have found success abroad to remember home. They need to give back to the society where most are vulnerable and disadvantaged. In so doing, society can only become a better place. This US-based Nigerian surgeon is setting a good example to all those who have succeeded to go back home and help.

Through his company RZD Global, Sulaiman can identify the less privileged hence offer them free medical services. The RZD Foundation which is a not for profit organization will facilitate giving preventative medicines to the needy as well as act as a training ground. For a great experience, meet the US-Nigerian selfless surgeon.

Offering services across two continents needs full sacrifice. Sulaiman says his biggest support is his wife who confirmed the idea of giving back as good. Therefore, she is okay with him leaving the family every month, for close to 12 days to perform his God-given duty. I hope you enjoyed to meet the US-Nigerian selfless surgeon.


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