Meet an Artist Using Illustrations to Tell Stories

Phoebe Ouma is a passionate artist who is using illustrations to tell women stories. The 23-year-old lady, a graduate from Machakos University in Kenya narrates how she loved drawing in her childhood. Phoebe dates back her love for drawing to a young age when she would always be on her drawing book. Her love and passion for this art grew when she joined campus and undertook fine units of study. This sparked some illustration passion and since that time, Phoebe has never looked back. Everyone loves to meet an artist using illustrations to tell stories.

What does Phoebe mostly illustrate?

In one of her arts, she had drawn an adorned black woman in the midst of tea bushes. This was an illustration of the rich tea farms of Kericho. This passed a message of the hardworking women farming team at Kericho. Attributing her excellence in illustration to online tutorials, books and lessons from fellow artists, Phoebe is a matter of her own art. In another illustration, she has drawn the Kempinski, a luxurious hotel in Nairobi Kenya. Below the beautiful image, she describes how lovely the hotel is and how it’s the best place to be in. Phoebe’s artwork has won her international recognition since she doesn’t copy from anyone. She’s using her God-given talent to put across a message about the African women and their fashion.

What’s the most challenging part of this job?

Phoebe narrates how this illustrating work gets challenging at times. Some of the customers view this as a hobby and so won’t pay a dime for it. The fact is this is a profession like any other. Creativity, time and work put in these illustrations should be happily compensated for. Another challenge is that it takes time to convince a client to pay good money for the artwork. On the other hand, Phoebe is happy that a good number appreciates her work and give positive feedback. This keeps her going and motivates her to produce even better. When you meet an artist using illustrations to tell stories you will promote her work, right?

How much does she charge for the illustrations?

Charges on transactions depend on many factors. For instance, the time spent, the materials used, the size of the project etc. ideally, the bigger the art the longer it takes, and the expensive it is. What Phoebe is sure of is good deals since her work is exceptional. Her knowledge from the fashion design and marketing course at the university helps her to price her products well. The brilliant young lady only needs you to tell your story verbally, and then she can tell it through illustrations. Isn’t she just amazing?

Dreams and ambitions about this career

To start with, the illustration profession is new and not so many have taken it on. So, Phoebe hopes to grow as she recruits other art lovers. It’s also fulfilling to convince the fashion designers of her art and they agree to work with her. She hopes to close more deals and spread the word about the illustrations across the world. You must be very pleased to meet an artist using illustrations to tell stories.