Massive Tree Planting in Monrovia, Liberia

Tree planting should be a regular practice for every person. This is in order to sustain an environment that is fit for the survival of human beings. Bearing this in mind, the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC), embarked on a tree-planting mission. Human activities such as mining and logging (excessive cutting of timber), has rendered the earth an unbearable place. The result of this is extreme conditions. For instance, stormy winds that destroy structures, excessive rainfall, and uncontrollable soil erosion. Such negative impacts on our lands are so common. Therefore, massive tree planting in Monrovia, Liberia, is a step towards a sustainable environment.

Creating awareness of the importance of trees

Trees are a must-have in our environment. A clean environment is only possible if we plant trees without cutting them. The reason being trees take in the carbon in the environment and emit oxygen which we breathe in. Educating people on the importance of trees helps them protect them. Natural resources like forests should be sustained for a better future. When the environment is green and clean, the air is fresh, even in urban areas. This is one reason people should be reminded time and again. Climate change has also been on the rise in recent years. As a result, there is drought and famine in African countries. When deforestation happens, global warming and extreme weather conditions result. This is why countries like Liberia have set to plant thousands of trees.

Planting trees in Buchanan city

Before Monrovia City Corporation’s initiative, there was a plan to plant 15,000 trees in Buchanan city. It happens that this city is prone to soil erosion and flooding. Trees will hold the soil particles together, thus preventing soil erosion. Such an initiative protects the world in general as well as the natural resources God has created. Apparently, planting trees will save roofs of houses from strong winds that arise in treeless zones. Among the benefits of trees, acting as a windbreaker and attracting rainfall is crucial. It means that a forested land has a conducive climate for sustainability.

Monrovia City Corporation is responsible for taking care of Liberia’s capital Monrovia. Looking forward to planting 10,000 in the city, MCC is not relenting. This will not only beautify the city but also keep it clean and green. The result of these efforts is that the city will for once combat the excess heat, and unfriendly weather conditions like windstorms.

Deputy Executive Director of EPA (Environment Protection Agency), Randolph Dougbayou, hailed the project. He said that it would help fight the greenhouse emission of gases. Also, the 10,000 tree planting exercise will mobilize the citizens in carrying out the national exercise. Consequently, each person is bound to be responsible for the environment they are living in. Logging companies should also take care of the trees by honoring the reforestation promise they made.

Bottom Line

Liberia has seen some of the worst climate changes. This has put the wildlife at risk of extinction. However several NGOs are at the forefront in safeguarding the environment of Liberia. Conservation International aims at protecting the species, biodiversity, and rainforests. The poachers who indulge in hunting and cruel farming activities are tracked down. Efforts like these will see to it that degraded forests are restored. So, massive tree planting in Monrovia, Liberia, is desirable.


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