Mass Testing for Corona Virus in South Africa

South Africa Rolls Out Corona Virus Mass Testing
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The Corona Virus novel popularly known as the COVID-19 is still a threat to the globe. Recently, the pandemic has continued to wreak havoc to the world. As of now, this disease claimed a total of 1.2 million lives in the whole world. Consequently, the world is on a standstill as everyone is very anxious about the future. South Africa is the most affected country in the African continent. Reports show that 1,505 infections have been confirmed with 7 deaths already. Corona virus is spreading fast in this country. Therefore, the government had to take measures to stop the spread. One strategy to curb the spread is doing mass testing for the disease. Also, South Africa is today on its 11th day of total lock down. Mass testing for corona virus has started all over the country.

The President’s Message

Corona virus is a threat to the economy of South Africa as well as the whole world. On its 4th day of lock down, its president Cyril Ramaphosa gave a message of hope. He emphasized that containment of the virus had to do with implementing a total lock down. Since the disease would easily be transmitted when people are crowded, a lock down would be an excellent move. The president urged the citizens to follow any directives given as it was only for their safety. South Africa recorded its first case of Corona virus on 7th March. Since then, the virus has spread like bushfire amongst the citizens.

Roll out of the mass testing

The government of South Africa is working hard to contain the virus. Besides the directives given, there’s mass testing happening now. More than 60 mobile testing units are set aside for this purpose. Additionally, about 10,000 health workers are assigned the task of visiting villages, streets performing screenings. The authorities say that mass testing is proving to be an easier exercise, thanks to the total lock down. When more cases are confirmed, the patients will be isolated in health centres for treatment. The Ministry of Health will also trace the patients who came into contact with them. Thus, containing the virus will be easier.

The Bottom Line

In as much as the Covid-19 is affecting everyone adversely, we must take preventive measures. The lock downs, hand washing, sanitizing, and maintaining social distance are some of the ways to contain the disease. Everybody should take an initiative to stay safe in this  difficult time. As a result, fighting this epidemic will be easier and manageable in the long run. Covid-19 has paralyzed businesses and made everything lag. Therefore, we must do what we can to fight it. If we all follow the directives given by the authorities, we will be good to go. Those defying the law and acting all careless about the outbreak should change their perspective. In so doing, normalcy will resume and we will resume our daily lives in real-time. The government of South Africa is on the right track by conducting mass testing.



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